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PR Renewal- Number of days calculation & residency requirements

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by SAMARIS, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    My Wife and I got the first PR card in Feb 2005. We already renewed our PR in July 2009.
    I had worked with Canadian firm in Vancouver since Feb 1,2008 on a- full-time basis and the company sent me to work in Asia (I accompanied my wie with me as well) from April 25,2008 to end of March 2011 which was the last day I worked for this Canadian company.

    During April 2011-May 2012 my wife and I spent time outside Canada and just return to Vancouver in late May 2012.

    My questions are

    1. Can my wife and I count number of days as residence of Canada during the period of July 2009(current PR issued) to March 2011 (last day of working with Canadian firm)

    2. Are we ,my wife and I, eligible to renew our existing PR in August 2013 (about one year before the existing PR cards will be expired)

    3. Will our days spent outside Canada during the period of April 2011-May 2012 be deducted from the calculation of number of minimum days required (730 days) for PR renewal in 2013 or not. This is because we are not clear about how to calculate number of days as resisdence to be entitle to renew our PR cards.

    Thanks for everyone who can help us clarify this issues.

  2. Hi Leon,

    Can you please help to clarify my questions?
    Thank in advance for your help.

  3. Since you were working for the Canadian company in Canada and were transferred, your days working for this company should count towards your residency requirements. However, they have some guidelines about what they consider to be a Canadian employer. People often think their PR is protected only to find out that it wasn't.

    Why do you want to renew your PR cards one year early? If you wait until May 2014, you will have 2 years in Canada already and will not have to worry about if they start getting picky about your employment.
  4. Thank you very much Leon for your answer.
    However our PR will be expired in ealry July 2014 so if we wait until May 2014 the time frame would be very tight and my & I won't have any room of no of days to visit our family outside Canada during June 2012 to May2014.

    Our plan will renew PR as soon as we meet residency requirements and existing PR will expire less than one year (After August 2013). Do you think we will be qualify to do that?

    Thanks again for your help to explain our issue.

  5. I have explained that if you use days from your employment outside Canada, it may be a question of what type of employer etc. Sometimes they can be picky with that. It is up to you what you do.

    If you go the way of staying 2 years, if you have left to visit family in the meantime, you just add that time. Say you spend a month total visiting relatives in the next 2 years, you just apply to renew in June instead of May. If you spend 2 months, you apply to renew in July. Even if your PR card expires before you can renew, that is absolutely fine as long as you are in Canada when it happens.

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