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Port-Au-Prince office/visa status after the earthquake (can we transfer?)

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in North America' started by Polaris, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Hello, everyone. New member here. hoping to spend some time in the forums (or I'll go insane).

    i'm a Dominican (Dominican Republic) citizen applying for a Skilled Worker Permanent Residence Visa through the Port-au-Prince visa office since january 2008 (2 years! *gasp*)

    So far there's been no response from the office. Only the AOR.

    But what worries me is the situation of the office after the terrible earthquake (january 12, 2010)
    There's very little information about the matter.

    i wrote an email to Question-Haiti @ cic.gc.ca and they answered:

    *Does anyone know any further information about the Canadian Embassy in Haiti if files have bee transfered to another office? (besides to wait)
    *Is there a way to transfer this application to another office or should we continue using this office?
    *Does anyone know if there's a phone line where we can call? I've tried calling the office in Haiti, they don't answer Immigration Aplication related questions via telephone.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
  2. Polaris,

    Go ahead and send your documents to Santo Domingo if you have any. Otherwise, wait until they contact you. Yes, indeed, PAP is no longer handling cases for those who resides in The Dominican Republic.

    Last Month, I submitted my documents in Santo Domingo.

    I have applied under the FSW-PRV class - NOc- 0111
  3. Thanks so much.

    Sadly, I already applied through PAP. I am going to call to confirm that my case have been transfered to Santo Domingo (IF they decide to provide that answer to me).

    Otherwise I'd have to request for CAIPS to check if they actually transfered the files.

    I hope this means they will speed up the applications. They say here "escobita nueva barre bien" :)

    Also someone sent me this link at the cic.gc.ca website, confirming the information.

    /english/information/offices/missions/santo-domingo.asp <sorry, I can't post full links>

  4. Please visit this site.

    You do not need to request a transfer as they are doing it automatically for those who resides in the Dominican Republic. They will contact you or your representative.


    Canadian visa office
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Office Type: Full Service Centre
    Service Lines: Immigrants: Yes
    Visitors: Yes
    Workers: Yes
    Students: Yes
    Immigrant Processing Mission: Note: Due to the recent earthquake in Haiti the visa office at the Embassy of Canada in Santo Domingo is responsible for immigrant applications from people in the Dominican Republic.
    Non-Immigrant Processing Mission: Note: Due to the recent earthquake in Haiti the visa office at the Embassy of Canada in Santo Domingo is responsible for visitor visa, study permit and work permit applications from people in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
    Office Location: The Canadian Embassy
    Av. Winston Churchill 1099
    Torre Citigroup en Acrópolis Center, piso 18
    Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic
    Mailing Address: The Canadian Embassy
    Immigration Section
    P.O. Box 2054
    Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic
    Internet Site: www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/dominicanrepublic/
    General Enquiry: sdmgo.immigration@international.gc.ca
    Case Specific Enquiry: https://dmp-portal.cic.gc.ca/cicemail/intro-eng.aspx?mission=santo%20domingo
    Telephone/ Facsimile Numbers: Immigration Tel .: (809) 262-3100
    Immigration Fax: (809) 262-3108

    Office Hours: Open to the public Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00. Friday: Closed to the public.
  5. Thanks again. you're a love. :-*
  6. Hi Polaris,

    It´s my pleasure....

    So you are Dominican!!! Good to have someone from the island that is attracted by this Program...

    I am somehow dissapointed that there are not that people applying for this.... This Forum is excelent!!!

    You will get a lot of help.......

    Take care

  7. Polaris,




  8. Best to you too!!! ;D Actually this board keep my spirit alive!
  9. Thank you.... Polaris

    Whishing you the BEST. I am still waiting for my e-cast status to change... But it does not.... :eek:

    Cuidate mucho y no vivas la Vida Loca.. Eso is for Ricky Martin..



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