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police clearance from saudi arabi

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by era2007, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. does anyone know how can you get police clearance from saudi arabia?

    the saudi arabia embassy from ottawa doesnt answer, some say they dont process anymore.So I inquire in saudi arabia embassy in the philippines and said go to the nearest philippine embassy here in canada and they will be the one to send to philippine embassy in saudi arabia. But I called already to the two embassy here in canada in TORONTO and vancouver and said they dont give assistance in processing that document,

    hope somebody can help us with this
  2. Saudi PCC only who have residence visa and are in saudia. if u hav finished ur job and cancelled visa no saudia pcc
  3. thank you so much for the reply msaleem216.
    Do you anybody who also needs police clearance?what should i do now if immigration needs that requirement..

    I search to other embassy of saudi arabia in U.S and this is what they said regarding on how to get PCC...

    7. Saudi Police Clearance Requirements
    Police clearance reports are no longer process through either the Embassy or the Consulates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Requests for police clearance should be submitted to the appropriate Saudi authorities through the applicant’s embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia. Do not submit any requests to either the Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulates in the United States.
     U.S. citizens need to contact their appropriate U.S. agency, which will forward the request to the U.S. Embassy or Consulates in Saudi Arabia for submission to Saudi authorities for processing.
     Non-U.S. citizens residing in the United States need to contact their embassy or consulate in the U.S. for information as to how to forward the request to Saudi authorities through their embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia.

    --- same thing when i inquire in the ksa embassy in the philippines and phil embassy in KSA (my friend is working in riyadh and asked them).phil embassy in KSA told my friend that they need to do the request in person to their phil embassy in canada and they will be the one to forward the request here. The thing is phil embassy here in canada specifically in toronto and vancouver (i called them regarding this issue ) they doesnt know anything about this and said they dont have any directives coming from DFA.....so confusing...dont know what to do....My
    any advise?
  4. this might help:
  5. Winnipeg - Its April 1, 2011 - HAPPY.
  6. i read in post dubai applicant that someone rite to canada embessy riadh and they replied no need pcc from saudia after leaving saudia and sam letter was refered to vo but u can ask from qorax i think he wil giud u wel
  7. thank you so much guys for the response.
  8. found the solution already..

    for those people who need PCC from saudi arabia...u can pm me and ill give you d details on how...

    and it covers everything from translation and etc...
    processing is about 15-20 days only

    :) thank god for this solution,,,,
  9. i sent you PM already asking you how to get the Saudi police certificats, please response.
  10. i also send u pm abt saudia pcc pl repl
  11. hi era 2007,,, i need ur help please.... i have been nominated for the ainp... and until now i still dont know where and how to get that police clearance from saudi arabia... and i still have 3 months to complete nd send all the requirements to the cic....
    hope that u can hep me....
    tnx alot....
    ps... are u filipino??? salamat...
  12. Did any body got the response. I put a PM to era 2007 but no reply. Please reply because I received a letter from Detroit to submit PCC from KSA. and any help will guide me.

  13. i would lik to suggest send email to chc Riadh Saudia abt PCC method from KSA i think chc Riyadh wil help u better and also inform us
  14. This is the reply from Canadian Embassy in KSA. Cheers.

    Dear Applicant,
    Former residents of Saudi Arabia cannot obtain police certificates abroad. Only persons legally resident in Saudi Arabia can obtain such permits, a process which requires involvement of both the Embassy and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please visit this website WWW.CIC.GC.CA for further assistance.

    By providing your e-mail address, you have initiated an email communication with Citizenship & Immigration Canada & thereby authorizing CIC to use your email address for communication with you including transmission of personal information on your file/case.
    En fournissant votre address électronique, vous établissez une communication par voie électronique avec Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada et, par conséquent, CIC est autorizé à utiliser l`address électronique fournie a cette fin, y compris la transmission de renseignements personnels au sujet de votre dossier/cas.

    Visa Section / Section de visas
    Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Ambassade du Canada auprès du Royaume d'Arabie saoudite
    Diplomatic Quarter/Enceinte diplomatique
    P.O. Box 94321, Riyadh 11693/CP 94321, Riyad 11693
    Fax: 966-1-488-9657
    Email: riyadh.visa@international.gc.ca
    Website: www.saudiarabia.gc.ca

    Please note: When communicating with our office, include all your questions in a single message. In order to serve all clients better, we are not able to reply to multiple messages from the same client.
  15. thanks edmn this is very important for all of us ex resident of ksa

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