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Police Clearance Certificate

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by manubobby, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hello All,

    I have applied for my Permanent Residency for Canada through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - Family Support as my sister has been living there for over 4 years. My inquiry is regarding obtaining my Police Clearance Certificate for all the countries that I have lived in for more than 6 months.

    I am an Indian citizen holding an Indian Passport and I have done my PG Diploma in New Zealand in the year 2008 and I was there for one year and I did my Masters Degree in Australia and I was there for one year as well. Currently I am residing in India and I have applied for MPNP from India. I applied for the program on 28th April and there is still quite some time left for me to apply for my Police Certificates as I need to get AOR and LOA.

    My question is, since I live in India at the moment, how do I go about getting the Police Certificates from Australia and New Zealand, although the website does mention the procedure of obtaining the certificate, it also does mention that I need to submit a fingerprint in order to apply for the Police Certificate in Australia. I would like to what should be done for the purpose of sending the finger print to Australia as I currently live in India.

    I really do appreciate the time taken to explain this guys. :) Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day. :)
  2. hi manubobby,

    well, i am no expert but i think this can help you.
    i think you can get your fingerprint scanning done through them and send it to australian federal police.
    they are recognised by delhi police also.
    whichever method you take, please do tell about the procedure , so that others can also benefit.

  3. Dear Ra.two,

    Thank you so much for your response, I did go through the website you sent across to me, but the only problem is it is quite far up there as I am from Kerala, anywho.. thanks for the update, I did call the federal police earlier today and they said I can obtain a fingerprint from a local police here, although I do need to find if it could be done from the passport office or the commissioner, as the police certificate can be obtained passport office for India. I hate the fact the fact that it is so damn complicated for Australia, even getting my student visa to Australia was such a pain and there were ton of paper work I had to do, compared to which I find Canada very easy (in terms of paperworks). Anywho .. will definitely keep you guys posted as to what is happening with it, although I did find out something from the Australian Federeal Police.

    They confirmed that, on a usual scenario the Police Certificate issued by them is valid for 12 months, but the Canadian visa office in India does not accept a certificate which is more than 3 months old, so I would recommend everyone to wait until you receive your LOA.

    But, I also received a reply from Canadian Immigration Office almost about 10 days after I sent them an email, they said a fingerprint might not be necessary unless and until they request for one. So my understanding from that email was that, since I have finished my degree and that my student visa has expired in Australia, there could be a possibility that I could avoid the fingerprint check, but then again, I will be going to the Passport Office, the regional SP office and the commissioner's office early next week to find out the ways I can get a fingerprint check done if it turns out to be a mandatory requirement.

    Will keep you guys posted about about every update that I get. :).

    P.S .. So ra.?? have you studied in Australia as well? :)
  4. hi manubobby,

    yes i too studied in australia.
    i did my masters from monash univ. , melbourne in 2003
    at some point i too was thinking about migration to canada, so i gattered this information.
    please do tell your experience, about police checks and all.
    i pray and hope you get pass through all this.

    bye and thanks

  5. Hi Ra. two,

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I was quite busy last week and just got a chance to go to the Passport Office and Commissioner of Police's office earlier today.

    Anyways I have finally got some good solid solution for my question (THANK GOD :)).

    First off, For India, A Police Certificate received from the passport office would be suffice. We need to buy an application form which is Rs. 5/- and pay a fee of Rs 300/- towards the application and the application can be given at the passport office in the morning and the certificate would be issued later on in the same day. Which is good, I thought it would take at least a week to get that sorted out, so, its a good thing.

    For more details: www(dot)cic(dot)gc(dot)ca/english/information/security/police-cert/asia-pacific/india(dot)asp

    For Australia, Since Australia requires a Federal Police Check and a full fingerprint check, the fingerprint check can be obtained from the commissioners office or the central station in your locality and they do a fingerprint check and gets it attested and we need to send the attested fingerprint document along with the application to Australia

    For more details: www(dot)cic(dot)gc(dot)ca/english/information/security/police-cert/asia-pacific/australia(dot)asp

    For more details regarding the following information:

    Fingerprint checks
    Application completion guide
    Application forms
    Processing times
    Provision of false or misleading information
    Disputed record inquiries

    Please use the link below


    For New Zealand, According to me, New Zealand seems to be the easiest of the lot, all you need to do is send in an application form and which can be found on the link provided and then they process the application and it gets sent to the Canadian Embassy in Sydney directly.

    Please use the link below


    Also, with regard to the PCC application form for Australia, there is a part of the form where we have to mention the address to which the application has to be sent out to, please note that it has to be sent out to your personal address and once you receive it, it needs to be sent out to the Visa office in New Delhi, this information was sent to me by one of the advisors at the Delhi Immigration office.

    Hope all this information would be helpful for you guys the same way it was for me. Hoping everyone gets their applications processed and approved at the earliest. God bless you all. Have a great day.

    P.S. @ra.two, Monash Uni huh, thats a great University indeed, I did my masters at The University of Sydney. Are you currently applying for a PR in Canada? or already there yet? Anyways thank you very much for your support and help :). Have a good one buddy


  6. Thanks a lot for sharing information regarding to PCC.
    Actually i am planning to apply for Quebec immigration in near future. I was in USA for couple of years right now i am in india (Ahmedabad).
    So my question is how do i get PCC. I hope i might have to follow the same steps as you did but still want to make sure.
    Please share your thoughts if you have any idea about it.

    Once again thank you very much for your help
  7. Hello harit79,

    Please see the given below details for obtaining a Police certificate from the United States. As you see, you require a fingerprint check done from the FBI, therefore you might need to get that first from India, you can get it done through a private authorized fingerprint check companies such as the one in the link below:


    I am sure there would be such private agents in Ahmedabad as well (but I am assuming that would be quite expensive, but might be faster though). Otherwise you can contact the central police station in your locality and they can do a fingerprint and get it attested for you which would be valid. Although I would recommend you call FBI or check out their website given below to ensure if that would be suffice.

    Here are the details for getting PCC for United States of America

    Applicants should provide a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) certificate with fingerprints. State certificates may also be requested. The Visa Office will advise you if state certificates are required in your case.

    How and where do I obtain one?

    You should:

    Get a cover letter and fingerprint card from the FBI. You can download these from the FBI website in the Related Links section at the bottom of the page or write to the address below and have them mailed to you.
    have fingerprints taken. You can have this done by:
    a local police department or a private fingerprinting business.
    (When you have your fingerprints taken, you will need photo identification.)

    include a Certified cheque or money order for the fees, payable to the U.S. Treasury
    mail the letter, fingerprints and fee payment to:
    FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services Division
    Attention: SCU, Mod D-2
    1000 Custer Hollow Road
    Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306


    Processing times are normally between 16 and 18 weeks. The FBI will send you a letter with the results of their record check. That letter will be your police certificate. You should send the letter and any attached documents to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office processing your file. All police certificates must be originals. Photocopies will not be accepted by our office.

    Hope this helped. Good luck with everything :). Have a good one. Cheers
  8. Hi, Everybody

    Have I question regarding if there is chance that CIC would require re-submission of police clearance certificate (NBI Clearance if in the Philippines) as part of case file which was filed in 2006. Thanks in advance.
  9. NBI Clearance Certificate

    Dear, I also need the NBI Clearance Certificate from Manial, as I have spent 2 years in Manial studying in Adamson University, if any one from Philippines can help me ? Ovais Zafar, my email address is ovaiszafar@gmail.com
  10. hello all
    thank you for this informative topic

    my husband and I already had LOA from manitoba ..canada and we already sent the file to our country morocco ...along with all the needed documents except the FBi pcc from USA as we already lived in USa ...after two months the canadian embassy in Morocco sent us a mail letter they need fee and Fbi clearance with the medical also.

    the problem from us is that we already follow the steps and we sent the application with the fingerprints and the money to the FBi to obtain PCC...two months now but still no news...i sent them an email explaining the need for the PCC very soon as we have a due time 60 days only but they didn 't respond to my inquiry

    what should I do ?

    i just had their phone number ..and i will call them later today ...wish to hear from them good news

    good luck for all of you
  11. mu husband just call the Fbi office and they said that thay already finished the Police clearance certificate and that they will send it to us by next week

    alhamdulilah that good news
  12. Hello r2psycho,

    yes you will have to re submit the police clearance certificate as it is not valid for more than 3 months, so considering its been well over 5 years, I am quite sure you will have to apply for a new PCC
  13. good on you my friend, glad everything worked out for you :)
  14. Hi Guys,

    according to the document check list that needs to submitted, it does not say anything about submitting the proof of funds or any letter from the bank, does that mean we dont have to show settlement funds ? Like how we had to submit the settlement funds and bank letters when we apply for nomination from MPNP? Please advise on the same, also in the new forms and document check list it does not require documents for proof of relationship in Canada either. I am confused as to what documents needs to be sent out now, please advise. Thanks :)
  15. i need to get PCC from Morocco ,but the moroccan embassy in India as no idea what to provide .can any one help how to obtain PCC for morocco from India .

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