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Police clearance certificate for India from canada

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by inhiswill, May 25, 2011.

  1. Hello Team,

    I am on student visa here in Canada. i am applying for PR here in Canada. my agent told me i have to get the police clearance certificate from India and canada.since i have stayed in both these countries.

    can somebody guide me how to get the PCC for canada & India. what is the procedure?, where should i apply ? what are the documents that i am supposed to provide?

    its quite urgent...
  2. Please check the links below
  3. Hi Inhiswill,

    For getting the Police Record Check from Canada, visit your local police headquarters and fill the application form, carry 2 ID's with you, 1 Canadian (driver's licence, etc) and your Indian Passport or Voters Card, etc. You dont need to carry any photo copy of these ID's. They generally check it, and give it back immediately on the counter. It would cost $40 and takes 4 weeks, and is delivered by regular post at the address filled in the form

    For getting the Police Clearance Certificate from India, there are 2 options - either you can ask your family member in India to apply on your behalf or visit your nearest Indian Embassy and apply for police certificate. This would take 6-8 weeks, and cost is $80. You would need to fill 2 forms, application form, PCC form. You would need to carry your permits in originals, and a copy with you.

    I hope this helps

  4. Hi,

    I am from Delhi. Please can someone guide me with the process to get police verification in Delhi for Canadian immigration.

  5. Get from India passport office. U will get it on the same day.
  6. My friend is in Canada on study permit how he can obtain Indian PCC from Brampton
  7. if you are currently living in Delhi and have some documentary evidence you can apply for PCC online on Delhi Police's website.
  8. I dont think you will be able to get indian pcc from canada.

    But to get pcc in india , you need to create a account on passport seva kendra and fill all the information and pay the fees and schedule an appointment. Some people receive the pcc same day and for some it takes a week.
  9. BLS Services helps
  10. Your agent is misguiding you. You do not need PCC for canada - only for India would do. These fu*k**g b**t**d*. Agents dont know a thing, they are only after your money.
  11. I doubt they will require a PCC from India.

    however you can clear your doubt by contacting Indian embassy at your place.
  12. hello Everyone

    This is regarding my Police Clearance certificate requirement corresponding to mail From Embassy .I have to submit documents by 25th December.

    My doubt is that i have lived two places in India i:e Home town Patiala (Till 2008 May) & Gurgaon June 2008 to 2014 October.
    I have mention these addressess as it is in Immigration documents.
    I have received Gurgaon Police clearance certificate from June 2009onwards instead of JUne 2008 & From birth to may 2009 from patiala.
    Will this create problem ???
    This is because of my initial year landlord is not available.

    Requesting you please reply on urgent basis.

    Please help
  13. Your friend can apply for Indian PCC at the BLS India office in Brampton/Toronto.

  14. hi folks,
    I read on EE website that we need to submit police clearance certificate for all family members >18 yrs ( regardless they are coming to Canada or not )
    is that true ?

    I am PGWP holder in canada from last 4 years planing to apply for my PCC from Indian embassy in Canada.

    Experienced members please help !!!

  15. If I am in Canada right now and I need pcc from India for my pr. If my family get it from India on behalf of me then is that valid for cic?

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