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Please post your FBI request times.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ColorMePanda, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. just a quick question on the FBI date. There is the date that the search is completed is 11/27/2011 and then there is a date on the top under the US department of Justice header that says 12/11/2011 so I'm wondering what date is the one to base the 3 month for CIC? We will be sending our application in before either of the dates are even a month old but for others it could be an issue so I was wondering which date is the one that CIC would go by. Thanks!
  2. Yes I was wondering the same thing since I just sent my request off this past Friday and I don't want it to be old when my boyfriend and I apply for my permanent residency in the beginning of March.
  3. Its the 11/27 date - so you will have 3 months from this date for CIC to receive your full application in hand.

    Its pretty frustrating but understandable at the same time.

    We sent away for my husbands fbi on Sept 12 and received it mid Nov, our date was Oct 18 so we only have until Jan 18- cutting it soooo close.

    Good luck getting everything together. :)
  4. -When you mailed your request - Nov 15th 2011
    -When it was received by FBI - Nov 18th 2011 (was priority posted)
    -When you requested to have it back - Still waiting on that
    -When you received your request back - Still waiting on this too!

    It's hard to be patient with this stuff!!!!! :-\
  5. I sent my request off in mid December and have yet to receive anything that hints at the fact that they have received my request since then. Anyone think it's taking so long because I sent it right around the holidays?
  6. Just got ours today! From what I understand, 2 months is the normal turnaround for the FBI clearance. So aerogurl87, you will prob get yours in Feb :)
  7. That would be perfect! Well I guess I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed.
  8. my file recvd by FBI on 15 dec.........when can i expect my PCC
  9. Hey guys,

    I sent mine in end of November, and still waiting!!
  10. I would assume that yours will be back by the end of this month. Mine took almost 2 months to the day(8 days off) so be patient :)
  11. Hey guys,

    I got my FBI clearance today!! :) so it took exactly 9 weeks. I mailed it out the third week of Nov, and got it today!

    Are we allowed to open it? Or do we send it sealed how it is?
  12. You would have to open it since it's illegal for someone to open mail in someone elses name :p
    But yes you have to open it and put it in a specific spot with your application :)
  13. Thanks Parker, you do have a point there :p

    My application has been sent out in December, along with my medicals, but the only thing missing was this. My lawyer had told me that it's ok to send the police clearance after sending out the application, but the medical part of it, has to be sent with the application! So I will be mailing this out to the lawyer Tuesday morning. I still need my state police clearance.
  14. Today is my 8th week of waiting for the FBI clearance, my application has been 'In Process' since Dec28 and I really feel that this is the only item holding up my visa issuance. :'(

    Please please pray for me, I wish I would receive the clearance this week... :'(
  15. Expect it by the 2nd week in March.

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