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Permanent Residency and Visiting

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Miche, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. I have several questions, I am from the United States and have been dating a gentleman since Nov. 2007 from Quebec City. We are ready to apply for sponsorship and are quite sure that the approval for the sponsor ship will be approved in a Mo. time.
    I have resigned my position (job) as of July 1, 2009 here in the US and will be leaving for Canada June of 2009. We are ready to submit our forms to Minister of Quebec, they should receive them by next week. We were told to send all paperwork there even the IMM forms as they will forward them, Is this correct?

    Is it possible to have my physical in Canada when I arrive there and have it sent from there to CIC-M

    I believe I can stay in Canada for 6 mo. out of the year, How long do I have to leave Canada before I can re-enter if I have to wait for the sponsorship and permanent residence to be approved. (least amount of time)
    or can I apply for an extension?

    In moving househould items, is it possible to move household items there without my permanent residency? or Do I need to leave them in the states stored at the shipping company until I have the permanent residency paperwork approved?
  2. You are doing an outland application, right, where you say that you are still officially living in the US and want to be processed in the US?

    If yes, then it doesn't matter if you are in the US or visiting Canada when you send in the applicaiton. You do also send the whole application to one place. They will forward it when the time comes. If you want to stay in Canada after the 6 months, you can apply to extend your visit status. Otherwise I believe the time is half and half you can stay, that is if you stay 6 months you have to leave for 6 but many people say they have been gone for less time, come back and get a stamp for 6 months again.

    You should definitely be careful showing up at the border with houshold items on a visit visa or they may deny you entry. It would be safer to get them stored.
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  4. I was told by Immigration Quebec that I would be notified to have a physical after the sponsorship is approved, is this true? That is where the confusion is.
    Do I wait for my sponsor to have approval before I get the physical?

    I was also told by Immigration Quebec to send all the paperwork there, also having some confusion, All the paper work is completed and has been mailed to my partner in Canada for his signatures, The only thing missing is the physical.
    All the FBI clearance is included. I just want to make sure we send it all to the right place to speed this along.

    If we send it to Missa. will they forward the Quebec paperwork to them or do I send them separately?

    We do meet the criteria for conjugal partners, we have every document since November of 2007, phone records, Ins. policies with his name as benificiary, email logs, airline stubs, photos with family members and friends. all visits documented, I think we are very good on this part.

    Thank you all for your help, this is a little confusing to me. I do appreciate it very much.
  5. From what I have heard, it's a bit hard to get conjugal accepted. You can say immigration barriers have prevented you from living together but they can ask you why you don't just get married then.
  6. We could get married, We are not opposed to that at all. We have talked about it many times and wanted to get me there before we get married. We would like his family to be part of the ceremony.
    It is an option.
    Thank you again.

    If you have any other information that may help please let me know I am all ears. :)
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