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Pending Final Review ?? Background checks ??

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by zeusamb, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I emailed high commission and i got the reply that my file is pending final review does this means all the background checks are finished or does it means still they have to go thru the background checks.

    please help
  2. yeah hopefully

    final review means VO got all papers and details all fee confirmations from Mississauga and all so now VO just have to take final look with all papers in order
    i hope soon you gonna hear by them :)

    All the Best
  3. so does this mean they are finished with everything.

    Did u had the same experience in listening from them...

    Anybody else...any comments
  4. Today I received the same news regarding my application from our local MP. This is the second time I have been told that my application is in final review. The first time I was told this was in June 2010, after 3 months and not hearing anything further we asked our MP to get another update. On September 6, 2010 Buffalo responded with the following:
    "file is pending information from other government offices. We are unable to determine when a final decision will be made."

    I am being processed through Buffalo (outland). I have had to really push our MP to get an update. Today our MP received the following from Buffalo:
    "The file was pending receipt of information from other government offices. We now have this information, the file
    is in queue for final review by an officer."

    My question is... Am I actually at the final step this time? Or could there be additional hold-ups? Has anyone had similar experiences?
  5. any idea friends
  6. From your stats, I would guess that the next step will be that they will ask for another medical. If you don't mind, why were your background checks taking so long? Did you live in several countries? Do you have military service or something else that could have caused the delay?
  7. Yeah, I had the same thought re: re-doing the medicals, hope not... I have 3 children who live in the US and are not going to live with me in Canada. Getting my EX to take the kids to get medicals re-done will be a fun challenge.
    I'm not sure why the background checks took so long. I am a US citizen (living in Canada for 2 years on Visitors Records) and have only lived in the US (2 states), no military or political service. No criminal record or arrests, the only things I can think that may hold up my background checks is (1) my first and last names are very common for the western states. (2) I had an ongoing divorce for the past 4 years, recently finalized.
    I submitted complete police certificates, FBI to Buffalo in FEB 2010.
  8. Since the kids are non-accompanying, it's doubtful they will have to re-do them. The common name might have produced a hit on some security list somewhere that caused the delay with the background checks I suppose. Hard to say. But hopefully you are almost done now.
  9. I know the medicals expire after 1 year. But when does the one year start? My medicals (mine & children's) were performed on Oct 30, 2009, the medicals somehow got lost in the shuffle in Mississauga until May 2010, and then immediately uploaded to Buffalo. I asked the Admissibility Adjudicator (the person who approved and uploaded our medicals to Buffalo) she replied with the following "I believe your medicals will not expire until May and June 2011." She didn't seem too sure. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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