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Original transcript from Delhi University

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by sg09, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. The online form says that I have to give a letter from Foreign university and it has to have a foreign university address on the form.Has anyone got the transcript from Delhi University?
    The transcript should come to me or had to be send directly from the university to Canadian embassy?
  2. Hi

    You ask the University to send you your transcripts (mark sheets) in a university sealed envelope, which you DONT open. You include it with your application when you get the document request.

  3. Ok thanks because I was not sure who should recieve it me or the embassy directly.
  4. Hi Sg09
    I also did post graduation from University of Delhi and I guess I would also require the transcripts from DU.
    Can you please let me know whom do you contact to get them in university sealed envelop at DU. I would have to contact the same person at some stage latter on.
    You help would be highly appreciated.
  5. Yes definetely..I have asked my folks in India to find out about that.

  6. hi.....looks like quite a few folks from delhi univ....
    go to the univ degree section .....this is north campus......(I am not sure whether you can do the same from south campus too.)

    Mr. khandelwal is the guy.....very rude and acts pricey .....be prepared to run around him...
  7. On Delhi University website there is a form for transcript but it specifically says that one must have a Foreign University letter with the form.So I was just wondering if someone has requested their transcripts before...must know what should we attach instead of A foreign university letter and address.
  8. Generally speaking, "This is a real pain in the ASS", For all of us living abroad and require Transcripts of Education from Colleges and Universities from so called 3RD World Countries (and Police Clearance Certificates too).
    To get the above from Educational and Police Institutions in other "Nations" is easy as buying a Pack of Fags of the Counter. They provide all these things as a STANDARD Service for just a little fee. When are these countries going to change.........In my opinion NEVER.>(LOL)<

    Good Luck to all of us!!!!!
  9. buying a pack of fags....thats a whole different meaning in the US.

    Good point BobbyB, but i do hope they change.

    I think it all depends on how quickly they set up a computer system. For example, i studied in South Africa for a while and they had a system as long as I can remember but some of my friends in India say their universities still don't have a system. So when they ask for a transcript, they have to take the original and a form. The person at the college will then take the original and compare it to one of their file (physical file not computer file) and then photocopy it, attest it and put it in an envelope.

    I hope most of these change so people can get access to transcript and information easier.
  10. Do you mean university attests the photocopies after verifying them from originals and seals them and give them to you?

    So, we need not to request to get the original transcripts in sealed envelops?
  11. What is a TRANSCRIPT? When do you need it?
    I have all my degree mark sheets ( for all 4 years of degree), convocation certificate .
    Do i need to acquire the transcript?
  12. Hi Rupesh,
    buying a pack of fags....thats a whole different meaning in the US. ( I hope it is nothing offensive or nasty) LOL.

    But surprisingly, these Nations are producing some of the most knowledgeable IT professionals.
    Anyway, we can only hope and pray, like we have always done.
  13. A transcript is an official copy of a student's academic record. It records all courses successfully and unsuccessfully completed and all courses that were withdrawn after the registration deadline.

    Normally, You would use an Official Transcript if you need to provide evidence of your University academic record to another educational institution, for employment or to apply for scholarships or bursaries and in this case for Immigration purposes.
  14. Some universities don't have facility to offer another original transcript. What mades an original an original is probably the university seal. It doesn't matter whether it was printed in black and white or color, etc, so photocopy and university seal is another way to make their originals. But it has to be the universities doing the stamp and putting it in a university envelope.
  15. And Yes. you do need it for CIC.

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