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NOC 4131 college and other vocational instructors

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Suin, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Hello! Could you please advise me on the following matter. In non-English speaking countries there are lots of private offices or companies that give English language courses. Could you please advise whether a teacher or instructor of English language in that office having two years of working experience will qualify for the NOC 4131?
    Thank you in advance.
  2. the matter is that it is not a language school - that company makes lots of various types of trainings & amongst them there are english language courses as well
  3. in that case you could try saying you're a "company trainer" ;-)
  4. Hi, I think the answer to that question is "Yes" and "No". Yes if the NOC 4131 is not a regulated profession. No if it is a regulated profession. With a regulated profession you would need a liscence and inorder to get a liscence, you will need to show a teaching certificate. My Answer is based on what i have read about regulated and unregulated professions.
  5. what do you mean about "a teaching certificate"? if one has a diploma in philology of english language, will it help?
  6. What i mean is, if you consider yourself to be a teacher, in order to get a Lisence, you will have to show that you had been trained as a teacher graduating with a teaching certificate from the training school.The diploma you have is it from a teacher's training institute? NB, I may not be right, but that is what i think based on what i have read about regulated jobs.
  7. the diploma is from the university of languages - master's degree
  8. by the way if this job took place one year ago & it is illegible for application, what type of documents I must submit to prove it to the visa office?
  9. Well depend on the CIC office but the most important are , a letter from your employer stating your title, your duties, your salary, and the duration , also the businees card of the person who sign the letter and if you have a copy from the contract and a payslip it will be a bonous.

  10. i applied under NOC 4141 on 7 aug 2008 secondary school teacher working as computer Faculty, what happens to me??????????????
    i also take classes of teacher

    i got link from this form to website www.trackitt.com, where i am surprised to see a user with user name deepgagan83 from india submitted his application on 11 may 2008, received AOR 26 may 2008, document requested on same day 26 may 2008, med done on 1 june 2008, document sent on 2 june 2008 can you believe this? he applied under NOC 6144 i think IT filed.
  11. Hi,
    I am in similar situation here in China, as i am English language teacher in one of govt. colleges and have more than 2 years of experience. Although i have no teaching certificate but i am issued with a foreign language expert certificate from govt., does it mean that i have necessary qualification under NOC 4131.

    And another thing is, my contract is based on 16 hours of classes per week, now teachers hardly work more than 20 hours, so does it mean my job is part time or full time. As per my contract with govt. i have been doing a full time job with 16-18 hours of classes per week. Please help
  12. thats just for class time. preparation time is not paid and not included in contract. the contract is based on no. of class, preparation time is taken into account while deciding salaries
  13. I was just wondering if someone could help me to calculate my work experience as i want to apply for NOC 4131, Teachers don't work full year. they work at most 9-10 months a year. They have semester breaks, winter holidays and summer holidays. should these holidays be a part of work experience or not.
    As i have worked two academic years and third one will finish in June 09. But then fourth year starts in sep.09. please help???
  14. after 38 category list out i start thinking i made a big mistake, coz some of my friends have Masters in Computer and they applied canadian immigration PNP program with totally fake job,they all got visas, one person case is refused coz of French ability, but i try to be honest, now i think i made blunder mistake.

    decision is ur

    can any one tell me may i amend my NOC and add some more job duties now, i have all the supporting documents to prove that or i wait for the visa officer till he start processing my case, i applied on 7 AUG
    please help??
  15. hello ..pleas help me..I am a college teacher ..i have been teaching for about 2 years as part time job but the hours are not equivalent to 1 year full time...i work full time as polymer engineer in another company and simultaneously i teach the employees there and i am paid seprately for teaching in the that company...can i count the hours i teach the employees in that company....can i call this part time job, company trainer and does 4131 includ this part time job?
    another thing...do they want me to prove that teaching was in english at college?

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