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NOC 2263 (Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by meawon, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. hey, i wanna inquire that based in the NOC 2263, they require a bachelor or diploma in food science or related and several years of related experience.

    i want to know that whether i can apply for FSWP this year, i''m having a Diploma in Food processing and having a paid one year work experience in a food industry as a production executive (48 hours/week).

    Also, i'm 21 years old, does this'll effect my application or not.!

    and also i don't have any relative in Canada and i'm getting short from 67 points, what is the criteria for the scoring?

    Reply ASAP!
  2. Hello meawon

    In order to apply for FSW your Diploma need to be equivalent to a completed Canadian Diploma of Bachelors degree. And this equivalence is decided by the Educational Credential Assessment Authorities designated by CIC for this years FSW program. World Education Services is one of the three designated organizations. Check the "Free Equivalency tool" in their following link to know whether your qualification is equivalent to a Canadian Diploma/Degree or not.


    I wonder how do you know that you are getting short of 67 point when you are unaware of the points scoring criteria. Anyway check this link of CIC for the latest points criteria for FW 2013:


    By the way, you require a minimum one year full time work experience and that u have already. And being 21 earns to maximum points for age.

    Hope this helps.

  3. hii,

    thanks for the reply.
    i want to know about the adapdabilty in scoring the points as i dont have any relative in canada.

    i have 7 each bands in ielts, 20years of age, more than an year of experience and a post secondary diploma.

    according ol these i'm short of several points which somehow i want to enquire that how can i get that from adaptability and arranged employment stuff!!
  4. Ok from the information you have provided you seem to be at 64 points ( 22 for 7 all in IELTS, 12 for age 20, 21 for 3 yr diploma and 9 for 1 yr exp). Agreed?

    Well as mentioned on the CIC website to earn the arranged employment points you need a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer firm. If you have that, your application category changes from NOC Category (with 300 cap limitation) to Arranged Employment Category (no cap limit).

    In order to give you an employment offer, the Canadian employer needs a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from HRSDC, which in simple words is permission from HRSDC to that company to hire someone from outside Canada for a certain post on the basis of acute shortage of personnel in the applicants professional field and other factors.

    To earn the Adaptability points you need to have:
    1. Relatives in Canada (which you said you dont have any) so no point there.
    2. Past educational or employment record IN CANADA
    3. A spouse with good level of English and/or he/she should have past educational IN CANADA and/or employment record IN CANADA

    Read details here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/factor-adaptability.asp

  5. and what i have none of the above in canada?
    I do have my cousin, who is a parmanent res.

    If i'm applying to FSWP, then also i have to arrange the employement from canadian employer??

    Yes, 64! Short from 3, and i wonder how i'l manage those 3 :(
  6. You won't get any points for a cousin.

    You could take IELTS again and try for a higher score.

    If you don't have at least 67 points, there's no point applying. Your application will be automatically refused.
  7. Agreed with scylla here. Cousins do not fall under CIC's definition of "Relatives" so no points there.

    With regards to IELTS. The max possible you can score for English is 24 (i.e minimum S = 7.0, L = 8.0, R = 7.0, W = 7.0)out of 28. That would still leave you at 66. just 1 point short. In my opinion your only hope is perhaps a crash course in French to gain those 4 points with French as second language.

    You are lucky that NOC 2263 is not a hot one and instead of re-appearing for IELTS if you really focus on your french and somehow pull of a CLB 5 in all four modules you will be in a comfortable position. with 64 + 4 = 68 points. Are you up for it?? You better be. :) so best of luck.
  8. and what about the work letter from canadian employer??

    will that will help at any point??

    I know that this is not a hot one and im sure that this will be in the next years eligibility list as well, so if I can arrange a offer letter from canadian employer what will be the effect of that!!
  9. Yes sure! If you manage to get an offer letter from a Canadian employer then it will earn you 10 points under "arranged employment" factor.
  10. that'll be a sexy shit, isn't it!

    bit tough too! :X

    let's see what happen!

    i'm i eligible on the grounds of education and experience or not??

    i have a 3 year diploma technical in food processing and 1 year experience as an executive and quality checker!
  11. lol... yeah can be a bit tough to catch an employer. But you cant succeed unless you try.

    Well you do satisfy the experience requirement and I am positive that your diploma will is also equivalent to a Canadian diploma but an ECA authority has the final word on that. Try the WES free equivalency tool on their website to get an idea.
  12. I applied under 2263 as well and have 4+ years experience in the same field. i agree with them, either you increase your language pts to reach passing mark. Definitely this is not hot noc so you can still improve, but who knows what will happen in the next immigration update, no one can predict canada.

    Good luck to us!
  13. Hello,

    I would like to get some information on NOC 2263. I'm holding a bachelors degree in medicine but, working as health & Safety Officer in oil & gas industry for the past 3 years. So, my question is that by holding bachelors degree in medicine and work experience as health & safety officer makes me eligible to apply under FSWP for NOC 2263? I checked HRSDC website and the main duties are quite similar to my current job and I already received experience letter from my current & previous employer. Also I read in HRSDC the term "usually required" which I believe that is not compulsory to have educational background in the same field.. As I mentioned my degree is in medicine which is also related to health, so please assist me in taking the right decision.. I'm gathering all my documents and will apply soon.

    Awaiting for the kind response..
  14. Hello hseamrit

    the answer to your question is YES, if:
    1. Your job description matches atleast 70% to the "Main duties" for NOC 2263 given in the following link:


    2. You have maintained that job description for minimum one year.

    And yes you are right. Not mandatory to have educational background in that field. I say waste no time and go ahead with submission of your application.

    Best of luck.
  15. Hi,

    Please help me to get my NOC classification right.

    I was planning to apply under NOC 2263 but to my dismay I noticed that my roles and responsibilities are similar to 2222 NOC which is not listed under

    I was misled by the profile in NOC 2263 which has a cross reference of job profile NOC no. 2222 .

    I read through their NOC manual under 2222 category it states
    Classified elsewhere
     Inspectors in public and environmental health
    and occupational health and safety (2263)

    I would like to apply as a food inspector. A passing reference is mentioned in 2263 about Food inspector.

    could someone pls help in explaining these cross reference within categories.


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