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NOC - 1122 - Expected date when CAP will be reached

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by goodluck2all, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    THis is for my friend who falls under 1122. She was not able to apply last yr as by the time she got to know abt the FSW scheme the CAP for NOC 1122 reached 1000. Can you pls clarify the following.
    1. How long it took last yr that is 2010 to reach the cap of 1000 for 1122. Did it take only a couple of months to reach the CAP.
    2. Will she make it if she applies by end of July? As I personally feel a lot of people will be waiting to forward their applications. So even a delay of a couple of days will prove fatal.
    3. Are there any restrictions as to the number of applications to be taken from each visa office. Like some specific number of application per each NOC.
    4. If at all she does not make it towards the CAP by when will she get to know.
    5. Both me and she also have experience as ◦1233 Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners. Dont you feel it will be advisable if she applies under this. But her consultant is telling her it will be safe to apply under 1122.
    Pls help. THis is a life changing decision for her
    THanks .
  2. Hi, to answer your questions:

    1. Last year the 1122 cap was filled by mid-October so that's around 3.5 months - however, how long it took last year is largely irrelevant, since last year 1122 was a brand new NOC and people had to gather all supporting documents (not previously required until visa office stage). This year, many 1122 applicants who missed the boat last year will have their applications ready, and also - there is a limit of 500 instead of 1000. All this means this year will fill up far more quickly.

    2. No way of knowing for sure. It's possible there will still be room by the end of July - but last year it took 1.5 to 2 months for 500 applications to be received, and this year these applications will be coming in MUCH faster since many people will have documents all ready to send, including a chunk of people who missed the boat last year. My advice is to get a completed application as fast as possible to CIO, but don't send it with anything missing and don't cut any corners to get the application in, since a refusal at the completeness check stage could mean 3 months before the application is back with her.

    3. Each visa office has a target beyond which it may not issue visas, but in any case the visa offices are only resourced staffing-wise for that target. For example, for 2011, CHC London have a target of 17,500 FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) visas. This means once they issue the 17,500th FSW visa, even if they have resource to do so, they may not issue another visa until 1st January 2012 unless Canadian parliament revises their targets. However, looking at the current state - post-June-2010 and post-July-2011 will get priority on visas, and any which are left will go to pre-June-2010. So for post-July-2011 applicants I do not think the visa targets at individual visa offices will be an issue.

    4. If she does not make it into the cap, they will return her entire application. However, please note this can take up to 3 months, but sometimes it is faster- largely depending on customs and postal services within your own country.

    5. You will note from Schedule 3 of your forms that you can be assessed under multiple NOC's work experience. You state your order of preference. This means that if you are not eligible or the cap is filled for one NOC, they will assess other work experience you have put down for other NOCs.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Dearest Wayne,
    Thanks a ton.. You really helped. I will take a print of this. I am meeting her mayb in half an hour and we are going to discuss all pros and cons in a very very realistic manner. My major concern is last year 1122 was new, yet this was the first NOC to get filled up. So the chances are very very remote that the the target of 500 will take a long time to fill up
    Thanks once again.
  4. Well IMO it will take 5 or 6 weeks to fill if you are lucky. 2 or 3 weeks if you are unlucky. Of course, I am just guessing so you will just have to see how it goes! :)

    But if she has at least 1 year's experience in a less popular NOC which is likely to take less time to fill, providing she can get adequate work references and contracts to prove this, then you might be better off selecting that as the first choice NOC, with 1122 as the second choice NOC. Noc 1233 even now has only had 442 applications for the entire June2010 to June2011 year, and so this would be a better 1st choice since it is far more likely your friend will make it into the cap with this.

    Do make sure you provide enough evidence for both 1233 and 1122 with your work references though - since if there is any reason why CIC do not believe your friend's experience matches enough of the 1233 NOC, then you will have NOC 1122 to fall back on.

  5. Dear Wayne..
    I have another doubt . Might sound stupid.
    How are these CAPs filled. I mean the VO recvs our application, goes through it and each correct application goes on to add another number to the CAP. Are there chances that these correct applications can get rejected. If so, then will the next pending application be considered for Visa. Like, for NOC 1122 , will all the 1000 applicants whose applications forms are getting processed will get their visa. Or there are chances that some in this 1000 will face rejection.
  6. There are certainly some applications that are rejected after they make it through the first check point. There has been no indication that CIO take "another" application to fill that vacant spot, and if you think about it, once the NOC is filled they reject further applications, so they would not have a pool of applicants in that NOC waiting for someone to drop out. I think they just chock it up to 999, 998, 997 in that NOC. Possibly, if the number of applicants HAD been close to 20,000 over all the NOCS it might allow space for another application from one of the remaining active NOCS to be processed. Seeing that the numbers never made it that high, no one will know.
  7. Applications count towards the cap once they pass the completeness test at CIO.

    If they later fail the eligibility review at CIO, or fail for any reason at the visa office, then this does not open another slot for someone.

    It is 500 applications per NOC considered for processing, not 500 per NOC visas issued.

    And from 1st July 2011 please remember it will be 500 per NOC, not 1000.

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