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No Deadline for GIC .?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by anaganti, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. i just got info from my consultant that GIC deadline has been removed , and there is no deadline from now. is it true?
    plz confirm
  2. I don't think so
  3. Hello,
    It's very untrue unfortunately. For May intake, to apply for GIC, the cut off date is 15th March and last date to purchase GIC is 22nd March which means by 22nd March you should have transferred CAD10k (not to forget CAD 100 admin fee along with CAD 10k). Please read deatils on scotia bank spp link for cut off dates.

    Wish you luck.
  4. what's the date for september intake
  6. while registering for the gic, which pages of the downloaded form should be sent back (pages 2 and 3) or everything including intro and term&condns..?
    should we just sign the passport copy and aceeptance letter somewhere in the page??
  7. what is GIC?? is this for Indian Students??!!

  8. Guaranteed Investment Certificate. Yes it is valid for students from India.
  9. hm... i also just learned that it's for China and Pakistan candidates only. I would recommend you include all four pages. and it should be in the following order;

    1. GIC application,
    2. Passport copies both front and end
    3. LOA - both pages

    all in one single pdf file... for LOA, there is an option for you to sign and on passport you can sign anywhere.. and do sign all four pages of GIC as it doesn't take much effort and any which ways u need to scan them all..

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