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Nikkah Nama ( Marriage Certificate) PAKISTAN

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by coast2coast, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Hi Forum,

    I am about to submit my application in the next few days here in Canada Miss IA ( sponsoring my spouse, who is in Pakistan)

    We have a Nikkah Nama ( marriage certificate ) in Urdu and in English.

    Do we have to submit two sets? meaning 1 in Urdu and 1 in english with my papers and 1 in urdu and 1 in english with her papers, totaling 4 copies, 2 urdu and 2 english, even though our package is one.

    Or is just one set enough i.e. 1 nikkah nama URDU , 1 Nikkah nama English.

  2. just one set. Your file is going to be together.. just the 1 urdu and 1 english.
  3. I have an issue with my nikha nama. There are three important things in nikha nama

    1-Age of bride and groom
    2-Date at which the Nikha held
    3-There is no any date of birth mentioned in the nikha nama.

    At the time of marriage, my wrote in the form that she is 25 years old while actually she was 26 year old at the time of marriage.

    We both husband and wife even have submitted our NIC copies (where our proper birth dates are mention) for our marriage certificate.

    Now the marriage certifificate shows 25year of age at the time of nikha for my wife while she was 26 year at that time.

    Can immigration officer raise this issue of 1 year difference ?

    I have many other proofs that we are married like marriage photographs, our NIC (National ID Cards) and even my wife name has been change in NIC with my name after marriage. Also my wife have her passport with my name as second.

    Can this issue make problem?

    please guide
  4. Hi
    what i can suggest you is that you may kindly correct your Nikkah Nama (Marriage Certificate) from Pakistan. The only way to solve the issue you can get the corrected one simply.

    i can help you out in this regard.

  5. I have a question regarding submitting Nikah Nama.
    Our nikah nama is also both in English and Urdu. I have certified copies of it from the foreign office. Do I need to submit copies of marriage certificate or original certificate?

    The checklist says photo copies, but the Country specific guide for Pakistan says Original??

    Can someone help me. I am planning to submit everything by first week of March.
    Thank you.
  6. u need to submit Original Nikkah Nama in urdu and Translation in English (total 2: one in urdu and one in english) but keep in mind both original otherwise later on they will ask for original one which will delay ur case!
  7. i got married last year 8 august 2010.my wife is living in Canada she is sponsoring me.and i live in Lahore.Pakistan.and at the time of marriage when the nikah nama has filled.we had wrote the wrong address of bride in option of bride address

    .we wrote Pakistani address instead of Canada address.and which Pakistani address we have wrote in nikah nama its her relatives address.and we have registered the nikah nama from union council and foreign affairs.and you know now its so difficult to change the address in Urdu and English marriage certificate.

    i want to know if i submitted my nikah nama same it is does it create problem...

    i will be very thankfull to you,
  8. If your address on Nikah Nama is same as your original address then it is fine... since wife address wont make any issue as CHC knows she is canadian citizen and on Nikkah Nama she gave that temorary address where she was residing at the time of marraige... so no issues... go for it...
  9. how many copies of english nikah nama is necessary for submitted.
    i mean as u know urdu nikah nama k 4 pages hote hain.mai jab urdu nikah nama ko translate karvaoo ga english mai, to kitni copies mujhe english k nikah nama ki translate karvani caheye ?
    just one copy of english translate nikah nama jo mujhe embasy send akrna hu ga ya phr 4 or 3 jo mujhe union office b jama karvani hun ge.?

    aur jo nikah nama hum urdu se translate karvahen ge english mai .to woh english nikah nama orignal he kahlahy ga ya phr copy.?
  10. If i am not wrong all four copies are same isn't it? Please correct me if i am wrong. You just need to submit one original of urdu nikkah nama and 1 orignal english translation. I know one of my friend who got it stamped from notary public office and also from foreign affairs just to be on safe side.
  11. yes u are right i got it.thanks
  12. Welcome,

  13. does english translate nikah nama type on specific page? or just blank page we just type its translation on blank page.
  14. As long as you get it stamped (verified), page type is not a matter. Make sure your spellings are right in the translation becuase it can create small problems and will lead to delay in your file.
  15. same problem here anyone can help? different address on nikah namma then NICOP.

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