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next step after medical

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jarla, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    im new to this forum....ask ko lang if after medical what's next? We had our med last oct2008 and accrdng to Timbol Clinic NO PROBLEM. Submitted to MCE already last nov. Until now i didn't recv any letter from MCE....Inip na ko eh. we are under MPNP. I want to be sure so I will not enroll my kids this coming school year...Thank you so much in advence!!!

    God Bless!!!!
  2. MPNP? MCE?

    Hello Jarla.
    You just have to check wheter or not TIMBOL have submitted your Medical to the Embassy already? Anyway, I had my medical last October as well and got another letter from embassy requesting for my passport yesterday.

  3. funds?

    Hi Mitchieline,

    Congrats! I asked Timbol they submitted our med report already to MCE. I hope to receive a letter from soon. Did they ask you for your Funds? or bank statements? Do you have deadlines in submitting your passport? Thanks again.

  4. Re: funds?

    Yes, They asked for my funds on my earlier application. It's one of the first few docusments i've submitted. Deadline for passport, same timeline witht he medical, you should submit it within 45days upon the receipt of the request... BTW, when did you started to process your documents? Thanks!
  5. Im a MPNP nominee. Canadian Embassy manila started processing my docs last July30, 2008. Had our medical last Oct23 2008. Didn't they ask you to submit updated bank statement? I also submitted mine when we applied for nominee at manitoba last 2007. When I submitted our docs in CEM they didn't ask for one. Did you pay your permanent residence fee? I did when they ask me for the medical. Thanks to you....
  6. Nope. They didn't requested for an updated bank statement.
    Bhte processin is quite fast for you.. they've started processing my spplication last 2007 pa and Ive submitted it last 2004. Residence fee? No, they didn't requested for any documents aside from from our status updates. please do update me if you recevie any good news, will be glad to hear it..:)
  7. Me and my husbnd paid the residence fee or the landing fee. that is different from the processing fee that we use to pay when we submit our docs. Are you a Manitoba Provincial Nominee? Where will be your destination in canada? Who knows we might see each other. I will keep you updated. thanks for replying. regards......
  8. REally? Maybe that's the additional fee you have to pay for a Manitoba Nomintee...Will be planning to stay in toronto... Yes, maybe we'll see each other .... Will keep you updated as well..

  9. hi guys,

    just to share this: after medical, (if everything went well) you'll wait for 45 days. You'll receive a mail from the embassy asking for your passport and update of address/dependents (there is a form you need to fill). You have to wait for another 3 weeks max for the visa together with your documents submitted (recommendations from employer, TOR, diploma, etc) there you will also receive your CPR (confirmation of permanent residence- this doc must be presented to your port of entry), your passport with visa attached, letter of things to do, a yellow flyer w/c is a pre-departure orientation by CIC, and form from St. MAry Euphrasia (also a guidance counseling seminar to be attended by filipino spouses, fiance, other partners of foreign nationals).

    im a Saskatchewan Nominee from the Phils also. hope this will help.
  10. thanks... but i guess its a case to case basis. The embassy asked me to have our medical at the same time to submit other docs (original diplomas, transcript of records) and pay our (me and my hubby) permanent residence fee. we all did it last nov. 2008. still waiting for another letter from them. hope to receive one soon. we are MPNP and under family support stream.
  11. hello everyone,

    just want to ask some queries....

    me and my husband are Manitoba Provincial Nominees, I already sumbmitted our application package/visa application with our original documents last April 6, 2010 at the Canadian embassy in makati.. now my questions are how long will I receive a response from the embassy, or what happens next?

    thnks and Godbless

  12. Hi,

    mostly within in 6weeks or less from the date of submittion...you'll be receiving a Acknowlegment of Receipt(AOR), with option of Addt'l Documents and Medical request.

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