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NBI: "No criminal Record" explanation

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mikah, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Has anybody had this case before?
  2. Probably a case had been filed before and either the case was dropped or you won the case. In any case you need an explanation from NBI about the case. I think NBI requires a request from CIC before they issue an explanation.
  3. Yup that's what happened. My dad filed his taxes incorrectly in the late 70's and it was only the in the 80's when he was given a subpoena. He paid his taxes, case closed. The problem is, when they went to the NBI recently, there's no record/information so they cannot provide any explanation....yet his NBI clearance states "No Criminal Record". I wonder how can that be? :(

  4. I think this case didn't go up in court thats why "no criminal record" was stated in his nbi cleareance.
  5. The CDN embassy in Manila is requesting for an explanation for the "no criminal record" remark. From what I've read, there's no questions asked if your NBI states "No record on file". Our problem right now is there is no case/file number associated with the "NCR" remark on my dad's NBI. How can the NBI explain something they have no record of? We'll do a follow-up next week. Hopefully there are more answers than questions.

  6. hello mikah, please update me on the outcome. my cousin has almost a similar case with your dad`s. he is yet to settle the case before he`ll get NBI clearance. I just hope that won`t hinder the approval of his ummigration application.

    BTW, under what category your dad is applying? as federal skilled worker or provincial nominee? TIA.
  7. I sponsored my parents so they are in family class-parents/grandparents group. What NBI did was do a manual check on their files and found my dad's record way back in the 80's (case closed). My dad provided a written explanation in detail regarding the incident (BIR-related) and submitted the documents to the embassy. We are back on the waiting game. With God's grace and mercy, I do hope and pray all of this will end with a positive outcome.

  8. hi mikah. thanks for answering. hope your dad`s case with the NBI will be settled smoothly. please update me on the outcome.. Godbless!
  9. hi mikah,

    same here, but for me the canadian embassy asking me to get a NBI written explanation, and my own explanation of the circumstances surrounding the case, and all court docments relating to the case......how many days tooks you to get the NBI written explanation...can you get it on the same day or you have to wait for another week or so....because Canadian embassy manila gives me 45 days to comply....and i am worried coz you know the processing of documents in the government offices it really takes a while before you get it....please...
  10. Hi,

    How is your application going? I think we have more or less scenario. I have received same letter from the embassy. Until now, no response yet from the embassy.
  11. hi mikah i would like to know how long did you wait for the result. i also received the same requirements, i wanted to have an idea...tnx po...
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  13. Hi mikah inquiry about the Nbi case was the applicant already in Canada as of now?thank you

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