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Names in Native Language .....

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by mahharrouf, Mar 24, 2009.


    We need to write all names in English and Native language. My question is this

    1- Can we write English ( above ) and Native ( down ) in same box or may we include seprate copy of form for native language names only ?

    2- My wife's native language is Spanish, names in spanish are written same as names in English, in this case, she need to write 2 names in same style, English + Spanish?
  2. hi
    there is no problem out there for your question.
    as long as the name is in english alphabetic order (i've meant A B C D....Z), the same way you wrote
    it where asked for Name and first name goes as well for NAME IN NATIVE LANGUAGE.
    hope this help
  3. Evan if you have a non-english alphabetics based name, you dont have to put that on the form. Its just an option which at least I chose not to exercise.

  4. Quote from IMM 5406

    " Complete ALL names in English and your native language , (for example, Arabic,Chinies,Korean or Japnies charcater), If addiotioal space require attach an seprate sheet.

    To you "adnan_hsn", its says clearly, we must write names in both, English and native language, expect if native language is English too.

    My question was .. if we can write native language names on same box right bellow of the english name or would be better to attach one seprate sheets for native names only and second, spanish characters are same as English, and Spanish names use to written exectly as in English, so in case, if out langauge is Spnaish ( native), still we need to write native language script or English would be enough.
  5. Names don't really have language. they can be written in roman or native scripts. For example, a name like Pedro will remain Pedro even if we speak in English. its not going to become Peter all of a sudden. Unless you write it different in Spanish and English (for whatever reason, i'd write it just once).

    If my name is Raja in my language, people don't call me king when they speak english to me ha ha.
    if you don't have space, attach another sheet.
  6. Well, I filled the form on computer for English Names... and then wrote in Blank ink by hand in URDU (my native language) in the same box since English was Left -> Right and Urdu is Right -> Left...

    You use additional sheet in case you have more kids than the space provided or more siblings than the space provided.
  7. Thank Rupeshhari, i'm agree that names realy doesnt matter , but when its written in same alphabetics languages, like spanish and english. But when languages are like Urdu and Arabic or etc, i think its really matter, because they are completly defferent then names written in English or any similar language.In my case, i have my native language Urdu, i think couldnt left empty place of native language, they may even dont understand urdu, but i guess they wanna see written name in native language. Follow to your answer, its clear that because Spanish and English have same Alphabetics, so no need one extra copy of same name.

    "mjm" , thanks this is what i was looking for reply of some one from urdu. I was thinking to do same, but wasnt clear if i mess up urdu and english name in same box. As you mentioned above, its better to write both name in same field, it sounds good to me.
  8. What if you don't know how to write your native language? what if you were just born in a particular country(Which according to definition becomes your native country), and then your parents immigrated to another country (You being just 2-3 years old then) where the Language is totally different from your native language and you then did not go back to your so called Native country till today? What will such a person do?
  9. My kids are born out of Native Country Pakistan... They can only speak URDU language, but cannot write and read even... They have been studying in an English Medium Schools where there is no such language help available...

    I believe in that situation, they can write a note explaining the reality on ground and how they were brought up and their knowledge of Native Lanuage and Nativeness they inheritted from Parents...

    This is my thoughts...
  10. guys, the address labels are only for mailing purposes! its for the benefit of your mailman.
    it doesn't matter if you cant write or speak the language in your native langauge, you can have somebody write it for you.
    i'm sure the postal people in your country know how to read your native language.
  11. BobbyB

    I am in the situation. I am not fluent in the language of my parents. IN that case, I did not write my name in my 'native' language. I consider English my native language. I don't think (i cant say this for sure) that CIC would really care.
  12. Rupeshhari, Guess What I thought as much.

    I am exactly in the same position. I left the country of my birth at the age of 3 and have never returned since then. I can neither read nor write it (I mean the Language).
    Well as far as the CIC is concerned, I think a small Biography plus Background explanation, including Educational certs. Diplomas and Degrees done in English plus work experience in English should go a long way to solve this problem. Only and again, only if they come back and ask me to take the IELTS then I will do it. I don't know how the English in countries like Nigeria and UK can be different from that spoken in the US and Canada.

    Note: I am not talking of "Broken/Pidgeon English" here.
  13. I am sure that CIC is quiet aware of such situations:
  14. The good thing is that we spell like the brits :)

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