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My wife is pregnant & she needs me(Help Me Friends:( what i do????

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Basilzaman, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Dear Friends,

    Please if anyone of you could tell me; i have received my Client ID number from Mississauga and Case processing Centre forwarded my Application to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    What will happen in Canadian Embassy in Islamabad. will they call me for interview or additional paper cause family cause. i mean my spouse my wife sponsored me and plz guys i am very worried about her cuz she is pregnant & her delivery date is 6th of may 2012 Sad plz tell me friends what i can do to fast the my file process??? she really needs me and she doesn't have anyone to take care of her.this will be very important and memorable moment for us and we wish we could be together for it:( its our 1st child.

    Application submitted on 12 Jan 2012
    Application received on cic Mississauga on 17.Jan,2012
    My wife received letter from cic Mississauga on 21-March-2012 about our application has been approved and file forwarded to CHC Islamabad.

    With regards
    Basil Zaman
    Please reply my email whoever knows well
  2. I am not sure if there is anything you can do to fasten the process. You will just have to wait unfortunately. You may ask for a visitor visa so that you can be in Canada when your child is born.
    As for the interview and additional documents, it depends on the case.
  3. I wish i could help you, of course it would be great and amazing if you could be with your wife when she will born your first child. But as from my knowledge theres nothing you can do to fasten the process. And its been only 3months of your process(more than half only in CIC), theres still a long way to go.
    The only thing you could do is apply for TVR as soon as possible(you will need lots of proofs). And tell your wife to write a invitation letter including that she will born ur first child and you want to be there with her..

    That is the ONLY WAY that you could be with her ASAP. still chance is slim to have TVR accepted, it wont hurt to try and of course you have a good cause of why you are applying for. Good luck!
  4. I dont think getting a visitor's visa is a good idea, when his application is in process. All he can do is wait. Immigration isnt going to put him on the priority list because his wife is due in May. There are other applicants that have pregnant wives that do not get bumped up. Some people have been waiting for years...
  5. It is true that the chances of getting the visa are very slim, but if he is willing to try that is all up to him.
  6. Of course it's all up to him..but let's be realistic here...chance are very slim. His wife is due in one month!
  7. If the wife is a Canadian citizen, then the child might be Canadian through decent (regardless where the child is born). All they have to do is to go the Canadian consulate to submit certain forms and if they need to go to Canada, apply a limited validity passport for their child.

    I recalled a woman who also gave birth to first child in Vancouver, while the husband stayed in China. The woman booked a homestay which would provide services such as transportation between the homestay and hospital, clinics and shopping malls. The woman managed to deliver the baby without any problems.
  8. thanks my friends for prompt reply but visitor visa also take time and the due date of my wife is 5 or 6 may so i have only 30days:( so what guys think it will work???
  9. thanks steaky, she is Canadian citizen and sorry i dont know about limited validity passport.kindly explain
  10. Here is a recent post about limited validity passport:


    My child is a newborn and does not have proof of Canadian citizenship yet. How can I get a passport for them to travel?

    Proof of Canadian citizenship is required to support each passport application. If your child was born abroad and you have not yet applied for their Canadian citizenship certificate, you will need to do that before submitting a passport application. If possible, you should consider deferring all travel plans until the certificate is received from the processing centre in Canada. For citizenship cards, this can be a very lengthy process so we urge you to submit the application as soon as possible after the birth of your child.

    Following submission of the citizenship application, if travel plans cannot be deferred, you may submit a fully completed passport application along with all supporting documentation as well as your child's proof of travel, airline ticket or airline e-ticket, as supporting documentation to assess the case. As your child does not have citizenship documents, you will need to submit the original proof of Canadian citizenship from one of the parents, the original foreign birth certificate showing both parents' names, original marriage certificate of the parents (optional), and the receipt confirming submission of the citizenship application. Our passport examiners will assess your case and determine the necessity of issuing a limited validity passport to meet your child’s travel needs.

    Please note that citizenship applications may take about 12 to 14 months to process. As most countries in Asia require 6 months validity on the passport to travel, it is not in your best interests to apply for the limited validity passport if you have no immediate travel plans. We suggest you wait until you have fixed plans for travel and submit an application at that time allowing our office 15 working days to process your child’s passport.
  11. thanks for the info but my friend my wife currently in canada and she will born baby there.Insha'Allah
  12. Well, then the baby is born Canadian. :D

    But if you wish you could be together, you can always persuade your wife to give birth in Pakistan.
  13. it's kind of risky for such a long travel when she is so close to the due date....applying as visitor will not jeopardize the sponsorship application....i actually think it's good idea to apply, it shows how much u want to b with her and u r trying everything u can....explain the reason, put there humanitarian and compassion grounds and pray hard :) i did hear of a case who got it from the same reasons....of course maybe 99 others didn't but still do try!!!

    good luck!!

  14. thanks missmini but i don't have time now bcz visitor visa time is more then 60 days :( and maybe in this month my wife will born baby.Insha'Allah so i dont know what to do & now i m only praying for her.
  15. I know this may not help you but I had 4 children without a husband, or anyone and I was fine, women are very strong, and having a baby happens every day, your wife will be fine and so will you! She will look forward to you soon be reunited with her and your new child.

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