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MPNP processing time 2013

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sumesh1983, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I have applied for MPNP Friendship sponsor program. 2 weeks but still no AOR. CAn anyone guide me is this normal or is there something wrong

  2. Hi under which stream you applied, general/ family stream. If you applied online then mpnp issued file no within two days or if you submitted docs to mpnp by snail mail then it will take 4-5 months.
  3. Hi Amandeep...I have applied through an agent online under friendship sponsorship. he said when he submitted the file ,The MPNP asked for additional docs,which I submitted through him also online

    When I call him he says that we are still waiting for the reply from their side, he also said that he called MPNP and they told him to wait.

    What should I be doing?? Is this a normal wait or is my agent not telling me the truth.

    Please help

  4. Hi .. Ask to your agent about the stream under which he applied, bcoz mainly there are two streams ( family/general). If someone sponsor you from Manitoba like your distant relative/ friend then you are under general stream or if your bro sister mom dad or first cousin sponsor you then you are under family stream. But there are some other ways for Manitoba. So pls confirm and be sure under which program your file is? Anyway if your agent applied online then mpnp issued file number within 48 hrs and file number through email to you.
  5. Hi...since a friend is sponsoring me so I come under general stream. He(agent) told me that he had submitted the file online...after 2 days he told me that MPNP has asked for additional docs(which I submitted).After that agent told me that your file is complete and submitted and we just have to wait for MPNP response. Its been 2 weeks now and agent is saying that we are waiting for the file number.

    I am confused. Dont know what to ask him
    Thanks for your reply
  6. Just ask your agent to forward the email to you which he got from mpnp side. Bcoz when mpnp asked for additional docs they sent file number in tht email. Tht email is actually acknowledgement of receiving (AOR) of your application . Now just ask your agent to forward tht email to you. Ok
  7. Hello, I got my File number within 48 hours. I got the file number in March, 2013. I have not got any other response yet.. Is this okay? What is the processing timeline?
  8. cant say vmac my agent told me its between 3-5 months...once the interview is done...then they make any decision and notify you within 3-4 weeks.
  9. Amandeep I talked to my agent, he says that he submitted online, he is waiting for the confirmation letter from their side which will include my file number. Is there something like a confirmation letter??

    One more thing, actually this agent is my distant relative,thats why I am a bit shy asking him again and again.
  10. its not 3-5 months for GS online applicants. I have applied in Jan under GS online but still no interview after 5 months.

    Ask your agent to call them and ask them about new timeline for GS online.
  11. good day!
    Is it allowed that the one who will sponsor me is the spouse of my cousin? and how i can apply thru online,
  12. Normally, as you submit online application you shall receive FILE NUMBER in 24-48 hours.
  13. Dese agents are f*** lozers..he is neva gonna tell u ur fil # coz u can process on ur case urself...I m sure he has rec file # bt he isnt telling u...
  14. yes anabia I think this is the main reason why he isnt telling me the file number. letz see what happens....really dont know how much time it will take for the sponsers interview...lets hope and pray for best to all
  15. Thank you Sumesh and ibad.

    I actually got the filing number from the MPNP office directly in March 20, 2013.. I don't know what mail or information to expect next. I keep hearing AOR, LOA and MR.. Please what do these acronyms mean people?

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