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MPNP--Manitoba application track

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jarla, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just submitted mpnp EOI (International student moved from Ontario). While submitting EOI for Manitoba, it asked "Have you created EE profile in past" . I haven't created Express Entry profile on CIC. However, I'm eligible to create profile under CEC (due to my technical job) but wont be getting ITA because my score is 376 (too low). I wonder if creating EE profile will make any difference in MPNP process?

    Thank you.
  2. Need help please

    Hi everyone

    I have sponsored my brother under MPNP in April 2014 and still did not hear any thing from MPNP. I am just worried about one thing that i have given my work phone number and cell phone number as well. But i work as in a very busy work place so and i can not keep my cell phone during my work hours and if in case i can't answer the phone will they leave a message or will can i contact them back..please do reply.
  3. Hi Friend ,
    I got the nomination letter from Manitoba Nominee on 20/12/2015 and I have new baby on 01/01/2016 but I didn't send my application to CIC till now
    Should I inform Manitobe Nominee Program with my new baby information or not.

    Another question: I will apply for CIC on 15/01/2016 and my IELTS will be expired on 15/02/2016 , Should I retake the IELTS again or submit by current one.
    Thank you in advance
  4. Hello Thanks for the response!

    I already cancelled my LAA as advised by MPNP because of in accurate information and will create new account then wait for the LAA again. I am now confused on Work experience part. I have 4 employers including my current employer 1st Employer - 6 months exp, 2nd employer - 3 years exp, 3rd employer- 1.5 years exp and my current job more than 2 years already. How should I calculate it? option on EOI is 0-5. Should I total all my work experience (years only) or should I only provide 1 employer like mu current employer. All are different companies with different jobs and nature of business.

    Thank you in advance.
  5. @ riplevis before they contact u at all, they will first mail u, so always check your emails, and whats d status of ur brothers application, recieved, pending, in process, or complete
  6. hi guys i would like to apply in manitoba since their the only province (which i aware of) that offers pnp without a valid job offer. however with regards to the pointing system i dont think that i will pass since i have other relatives in bc and ontario.. is there anyone here that was approved in pnp though they have relatives in other province? thanks
  7. Dear Seniors, if anybody have idea on my queries, Please reply urgently.

    I am applying for Manitoba MPNP program and filling EOI, Facing below queries,
    1) My exp falls under two NOC in last 5 years(Previous: 3.5 years and Current:1.5 years), How can i apply for two NOC to get points(Points: 75) for 5 years of exp?
    2) what should i answer for ''WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION'', 3.5 years or 1.5 years.
    3)How many full time of exp do you have in in last five years'', Is it related to occupation or total? because it is not mentioned about related to occupation? should i put 5 years?

    Plz advise.
  8. Hi dear, actually I am student in Vancouver and my parents have applied for mpnp. My mom sent me an email in which her file number is written. But I am trying to access it online and check her file status but unfortunately number of times I tried and it says that we can't find this file number. Can you help me out please.
  9. Tell your mind to give you the details of her account on manitoba website.The same details used in setting up her account for EOI.
    I trust am making sense?


  10. Can someone plz inbox me settlement plan2, I have to submit for my brother in Manitoba pep stream.
    I m running out of time. Plz help someone.
    Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone,

    Is there anyone who submitted incomplete documents? Or decline their application due to incomplete documents? The following are the documents I still need to update but my 60 days deadline is already approaching and might not be able to complete it on time:

    a. Reference letter from employer - I have complete COE but not on the format required by MPNP
    b. Settlement fund - not yet enough based on the one indicated on my EOI

    Should I decline the application or ask for extension? I really need advice on the above matter.

    Thank you in advance! :)

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