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Medical Exam

Discussion in 'Health' started by MR1965, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. I have asthma and got my hip replacement done. Will this cause problem in me getting visa. Please let me know.
  2. What category?

  3. Skilled migration category
  4. You are not exempt from the excessive demand test, but I don't know for sure if you meet the requirements for that or not. I was a sponsored spouse so I never researched the issue.

    Hopefully someone else here has more detailed information on exactly what is considered excessive demand.

  5. What do you mean by excessive demand test.
  6. Your medical will determine whether your medical condition will pose an excessive demand on the Canadian health care system (read: if your health care will be too expensive for the Canadian gov't).

  7. Thanks Karishammar. Is it, that I have to undergo couple of tests to determine whether my medical condition poses an excessive demand on the Canadian health system and then CIC decides to grant or not grant the visa.

    I take ventolin everyday, apart from this I don't have any problem. My blood, x-rays & urin tests are all fine.
  8. Yes, exactly. They will do tests on you and if I remember correctly, also ask about your medical history.

  9. Thanks Karlshammar. Will update what happens.
  10. about the medical exam. what are the possible result of chronic or minor diseases that is prohibited in canada
  11. what if anyone hide his medical history
    will they discover the realities after the medical exam and how?
  12. are they going to test or they going to ask your history?
  13. you can never hide such things, as after tests and your blood work they will get alll info about you even if you do not say.
  14. Let say you have a historical background of asthma but when you grew up it suddenly dissappear.so, how would they know?
  15. They may or may not find out, but why lie if it is really gone?


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