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MBA from a good canadian university

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sm9, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I am working as Marketing Manager with a leading Co in India. I have more than 6.5 yrs industry experience. I am full time MBA - Marketing from ICFAI Business School. My wife is MBA-HR & is working as HR Manager with IT Company in Delhi. We have a 3 yrs old daughter also.

    Now I am looking for pursuing Exec MBA / Full Time from a very good B-School from Canada and later on settling there with my family.

    Please suggest:
    a) Good Universities in Canada for Exec MBA / MBA.
    b) Fee structure of these institute and process of applying loans
    c) Placements of these institutes.
    d) GMAT Score required for these institutes
    e) Process of application in these universities and when do their session starts
    f) Suggestion whether I should be going for Exec MBA / Full Time MBA. Where are the better job prospects as I am looking for a good job as I will be leaving my job in India.
  2. is thre a old thread or any url i can refer?? Or anyone who is applying to top 3 / 5 mba colleges this year?
  3. Ontario = 1) U of Toronto , 2) U of Western Ontario , 3) York University , 4) Ryerson university

    Quebec = 1) Mcgill Unviersity , 2) HEC Montreal , 3) Concordia university

    All good MBA'ers :)
  4. Ryerson is not in the same league as the other three in Ontario you have mentioned. Ryerson is an OK school but is definitely not a top school.
  5. 1. University of Toronto
    2. University of British Columbia.
    3. McGill University.
    3. University of western Ontario
    4. University of Alberta.

    Good Luck.
  6. I wish i could get an MBA admission in any of those!

    Poor me, Poor GMAT!
  7. In Canada- government control is really high one the education quality of every school and university. It means wherever you do it will be recognized and accredited with every employer. Other thing, doing an MBA from top schools is an excellent opportunity to enter Canadian Job Market (Immigration purposes ease up with job in hand).
    Next thing- Canada is a very big country in terms of every province have their own standards and criterias for various things. So what you should right now is research a lot and do not just count entering Canada in some rural isolated place where mostly people get depressed and go back. My concern is not to de motivate you but to help you to search fro your big picture. Hope it helps.
  8. a. General rule of thumb is that public universities are always a good option. so start there and make a list of public universities in canada.

    b. go to the university websites and search the program you are looking for, the entire course outline including fee, semester layout, admission requirements etc will be there.

    c. nobody can give you a definite black and white answer to this. Placements depend on a lot of things (your own skills and abilities to a large extent). However, if co-op or a work project is a mandatory part of the program, i would consider that to be a good thing. Look for MBA programs that have a mandatory work placement/ project/ co-op part.

    d. see b. Program admission requirements will be different for each university. again, general rule of thumb is the harder it is to get into a program, more in demand it is and will probably have an edge over others.

    e. again, see b

    f. this is similar to my answer in c. No guarantees if you will find a job right away after graduation. Job hunting is tough and finding the right job takes time. However, you might get lucky and find one right away. everybody goes through it differently. so what may have worked for others may not necessarily work for you or vice-versa.

  9. Well said brother. Cheers.
  10. Look out for Wilfrid Laurier MBA co-op program. It has one of the largest co-op programs in Ontario. Almost guaranteed starting job.
  11. Thanks all for your inputs and suggestions...anybody else sailing in same boat?
  12. not me. Im taking GMAT in August and will apply for Fall 2014 session MBA.
  13. I think universities which ask for gmat scores are better. BTW I heard mba program in university of western Ontario and Toronto is very good. McGill is basically famous for law/economics etc..try these...and check co-op availability
  14. Yeah all these universities are actually Top Ranked in World also.
  15. What should be the approx cost of Full time MBA program in Canada?

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