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Masters in Automotive Engineering in Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ravi9530, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. I want to do Masters in Automotive Engineering from Canadian University. Someone please suggest me some universities, process to apply for that and expenses involved in the whole process.??????
    Please somebody do tell me....!
  2. your best bet is to search on Google. u will have to decide ur self by considering ur profile/prior studies, level of education u want and money u can spend. from Google u can find out different universities and then on those university websites u will get all the application requirement list. e.g. fees , courses offered, duration of study etc. Would be good if u did ur research about colleges/ universities and came up with a list and then asked people on this forum about their input on those college/universities that u shortlisted.
  3. you can try www.aucc.ca
  4. Try applying in windsor if you want to do a degree in automotive engineering!

    Windsor although is not a highly reputed university but it has a very big advantage. A lot of auto industry in Canada is situated in windsor and these companies pick a lot of students from windsor university. And at the end of the day, ur degree is as good as ur first job, after that nobody cares from where u got ur education from

    Personally if i was to do automotive engg i would definetily go for windsor!

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