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Marriage wid Canadian girl over phone, pls guide

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by confuse_tarzan, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I am crazy for Canada and have been refused 2 times for Canadian immigration now after ton of struggled I arranged a Canadian girl over internet (we were meeting on internet for 1 year) she and her family members are agreed to marriage wid me over phone, what i am going to do soon. You guys pls update either telephonic marriage accept or not, if yes, what r the procedures to be followed? I dont want to refuse 3rd time :(((
  2. I like your determination. You sure are a brave man. 8)
  3. ;D ;D what a story..I am sure you will get maple leaf soon on ur passport. by the way where u from ?

  4. You will be refused. This is a illegitimate marriage of convenience done poorly.
  5. confuse_tarzan,

    I have never heard of wedding over the telephone. Under which jurisdiction would you say the marriage was contracted? Stop and think wisely. Let not yourself be confused further.


  6. I am pretty confident that only in-person marriages will be accepted.

    Also, you will almost certainly be refused for lack of a real, developed relationship, even if you were to get the marriage itself accepted by some miracle.

    Lastly, you are posting in the completely wrong category.
  7. confuse_tarzan your on the way to succeed your dream come true ( Canada )

    by the way met her in reality get all marriage paper work done !

    Your can fly !

    Hope it work Good luck buddy
  8. COOL
    Determination ho to .......confuse tarzan jaisi.............
  9. Hi

    Your wrong, proxy (phone marriages) are legal in some countries, i.e. Pakistan, Jordan and a few other. If it is legal in the country where it happens, then CIC/CHC will accept it. But in the OP's case, I would bet that CIC/CHC is going to find that the marriage is for Immigration purposes only and might refuse.

  10. Canadian visa offices often refuse real spouses with dozens of documents proving they live together.
    I can only imagine their faces when they read in an application that this is a telephone marriage and people seriously consider getting visas to immigrate to Canada based on that! :eek: :eek:
  11. Proxy marriages can be legal, but phone marriages (solely over the phone) are not proxy marriages. According to OP 2:

    "At a proxy marriage one of the participants is not present and has named a proxy to represent him or her."

    Meaning that if it is done solely over the phone, with no proxy located with one of the future spouses, it is not valid.

    Proxy marriages cannot be performed in Canada, so in order for a proxy marriage to be valid, the sponsor would have to have someone as his proxy in the country where the prospective PR applicant is located acting as his proxy for the marriage to be valid.

  12. Karlshammar & PMM,

    I am just learning something new. Thanks for the education.

  13. Thanks you guys for mixed response and thnx for encouraging me. PMM is right teleponic marriage is acceptable in Pakistan and other few countries. I am also from Pakistan. I personaly known some people who got married in thier relatives by telephonic and immigrated to Canada successfuly. But in my case I already been refused 2 times and PMM says right CIC will find that I am doing this only for immigration so chances becomes low for success.

    Now I have only one solution pls advice if I invite to my would be wife and her family members to pakistan and perform marriage later they go back and apply for me while living in Canada so then what r the chances for success? pls adivice

  14. Yes PMM and Confuse_Tarzan is right telephonic marriage is acceptable in pakistan. My first cousin got married like this applied from Pakistan and got visa within 1.5 years.

    Mr. TbilisiAnkara Canadian visa offices have read so many cases of telephonic marriage and ganted visa for them.

    Mr. Confuse_tarzan, yes, if you do like this then chances are higher of success best of luck by me.

  15. suggestion pls Leon, PMM.

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