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Marriage Fraud

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Samina123, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone!!

    I need to know what does Citizenship and Immigration Canada do when they figure out that you have hidden your marriage in your back home and got married to someone in Canada? What if your second wife in Canada reports against you and provide evidence to citizenship and immigration that you already have a wife in your back home. Is this considered a criminal offence in Canada? Does your PR card get rejected?
  2. Yes, it is a question mark on your credibility...??..if this is true why u lie to immigration...u have to.justify yourself...its all up to immigration officer...any how from ur question what i understand...that some one has reported to CIc that person in canada has another wife in back home...and hidding for PR Purpose...they can refuse PR to him...now a days...new laws. ..r implemented...they r very tough on marriage fraud and has special team who look after these cases...
  3. Seriously?? Bigamy is a Criminal offense in Canada as is Misrepresentation, both of which you would have committed. You would be denied PR or have it revoked. Banned from Canada and possibly prosecuted
  4. A PR who landed without listing his wife is guilty of misrepresentation and could lose his PR. The second marriage in invalid.
  5. by the way samina123...back home is that islamic country...if that is the case...u can explain to cic. ..in muslim countries a man can have upto 4 wives at one time in certain cases... where man can afford, and keep justice and equality in treating all. .wives...but still u have to explain reason of hidding...it...to.cic...may be not safe in some cases, risk to his life etc...family problem etc...
  6. It doesn't matter what is the law in his home country. If he landed without declaring his wife, he has committed misrepresentation to immigration. If he marries again in Canada without having been divorced or widowed, he is guilty of bigamy which is against the law and his 2nd marriage is invalid.
  7. As Leon said, the laws of "back home" are irrelevant in Canada. When you are immigrating to a new country, and intending to make that country home, you must respect its laws.
  8. thats true...back home laws dont apply in canada...but if he did not declare previous wife...he has to justify for it...otherwise he could loose his PR Card...
  9. If he deliberately did not declare his wife, he has bigger things to worry about than bigamy laws!
  10. As far as CIC is concerned the only justification they will accept is that the first wife was dead or divorced BEFORE the second marriage took place. Otherwise it is considered bigamy and not only is the 2nd marriage invalid, he can be charged and prosecuted
  11. Criminal Code of Canada

  12. My husband got his PR card and went missing for 3 days I had to call the cops they came to my house and took interview and they searched out that he went to Pakistan. After getting his PR card his behavior suddenly changed and he left without even telling me. He used to torture me as well verbally, he said he would divorce me. Cops interrogated him at the airport once he got back from his back home after six months. Now we are not living together.

    I had to invade his privacy and found out his documents from 1997. He got married to a lady in 1997 again this is the marriage he kept hidden from me and from Canadian authorities and now I have the copy of the document of his previous marriage which I provided to Citizenship and Immigration Canada through e-mail. I called border agency as well.

    If I knew he was a fraud I would never have married him. He used to tell me that he was also living as a refugee in UK with a different name, eventually got rejected. When he came to Canada he changed his name and every document and he applied again as a refugee in Canada. He got his claim refused and since he was married to me already he had legal grounds to apply for sponsorship through my documents.

    He is still in Canada. Does he have to go for one more interview to Citizenship and Immigration Canada since getting PR card? as there is 3 years term in which sponsor has to take care of the sponsored spouse? He got his PR card in summer 2012.
  13. No, he doesn't have to go through any interview after 3 years. That is just the time limit you would be responsible for him.

    You have complained about him and you can continue following up on your case by re-sending the same info, I'd say about every 6 months until you find someone who listens to you. Based on your info, they may follow up and revoke his PR at some point. Things don't happen instantly though.

    Have you talked to a lawyer about getting the marriage annulled based on that he was already married to someone else? You should.

    You could also file charges against him for bigamy. If you get it annulled and if he gets convicted for bigamy, you should send that info to immigration as well.
  14. It's quite unfortunate what you've gone through. I have to ask though, how well did you know him before marrying? Did your family investigate his background back home before you married him? Sounds like you knew he had changed his name and identity in Canada yet you stayed married and sponsored him? How do you even know the name he uses is his real name? Those were warning signs, which for reasons best known to you were ignored. Hopefully, the gov't comes through for you.
  15. They say "Love is blind" but there is also the "ostrich syndrome", aka "If I don't talk about it or see it, it isn't happening".

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