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manitoba exploratory visit

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ngr426, May 5, 2012.

  1. Hey All, I have acceptance for exploratory visit in Manitoba. Please does anyone knows what will be expected at the interview or any question that could be ask. Also, how can I go about meeting with prospective employers and will there be any provision for accommodation or I need to get a shelter for myself. Expecting your response.
  2. Hey,
    When did you apply for exploratory visit and within how many days you got response/invitation?
  3. There are no provisions for accommodations. You have to make and pay for the accommodation arrangements yourself. It's also up to you to contact prospective employers and set up meetings. Hope this helps.
  4. Have you seen the following information? It provides an overview of what you should expect at the interview:

    During this interview you should be prepared to speak about what you have done during your visit to Manitoba and your plans for successful settlement in Manitoba including information about:

    - the community in which you hope to reside, the places you have visited, the services you have learned about
    - the occupation(s) in which you (and your spouse if relevant) intend to seek employment, the contacts you have made to explore potential employment opportunities and any feedback you have received about your employability
    - why you believe that you can be a strong candidate for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

  5. please i want to know if you need to have relatives or friends in manitoba to be accepted for the explotarory visit
  6. Please Expert

    I have no relative & friends Manitoba.How can i apply MPNP program? please want a solution.

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