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Manitoba Exploratory Visit: 2013

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by praetorean, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone here requested for an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba this year?.
    I just sent mine requesting for it last Jan. 1st (new year)...

    Anyhow, I already have a visit visa as we already took a trip in December.
  2. You're really fast. So you are now waiting for approval. I pray you have a positive reply.
  3. just got a reply... they put it on hold :( tsk, tsk, tsk... their website doesn't say anything as to when it'll open. it just says:
    bummer... guess, i'll just have to keep monitoring their website...
  4. Waoh! I hope they're going to open it soon. Let's be on the look out.
  5. Is it possible to immigrate to Canada by Manitoba Exploratory Visit? How it works? Please help me! Thanks
  6. Yes, it is possible to immigrate to canada thru the Manitoba PNP-Strategic inititative scheme by doing the exploratory visit.

    How it works? go to imigratemanitoba.com and read the strategic initiative scheme.

    If you really want to do the exploratory visit you have to do a lot of reading and research about Manitoba province and you can do this by starting to read the strategic initiative scheme process.
  7. Is it only MPNP that embarks on Exploratory Visit or we still have other provinces? Secondly, are there any other provinces that accept Immigration Applications without job offer? Your response will help me grately as I am relately new on this.
  8. 1) Manitoba is the only province that has the Strategic Initiative program either through exploratory visit or recruitment mission.
    2) None.
  9. @Mayoress, yeah... we're camping alright. Hopefully, they'll open soon and we can get the approval for the visit before our visit visa expires on November. Another things, would anyone know when this would likely open again?... or would anyone know when it usually opens (calling all those who took an exploratory visit before)...

    Thanks again y'all...
  10. @ praetorean, it seems the Manitoba exploratory gate is opened now. A distant friend got the questionnaire from MPNP within 2hrs. Hurry up and send in your request again. Best of luck.
  11. Guys

    Is it mandatory to have a Visa issued by Manitoba or Canadian government for doing the exploratory visit to Manitoba? or u just send them an email and wait for approval. ??

    Thank u guys... u are awesome
  12. @ mayoress; Whoa... Your post was on the 14th... assuming that they opened again on that day (Monday), i'm 3 days behind already :D... Anyways, I'll be sending a request soon; hopefully, with the lead time needed +2 months (from request date) I can target end of May or June as travel date. The upside is, it's already spring (I can save the benjamin's from winter gears hehehe) & I like to travel and explore casual and light :D

    And also, while my visit visa is still valid (till November, 2013).

  13. @Morina; check this: immigratemanitoba dot com/how-to-immigrate/strategic-initiatives/exploratory-visits/ (replace the 'dot' with '.')
    basically, once the visit has been approved...next is to secure a visit visa.
  14. Just an update:

    I have sent an EV request this morning (SG time); and I have been replied w/ a form to fill up.
    As expected, I am required to have an IELTS score and with the 30-day timetable; I hope I would be able to take the test in a week or two. Hopefully, I would still be able to make it to the Feb 16 deadline. Or else, I'll have to go thru the process again of requesting an EV.

    Hope I make it to the deadline...
  15. Thank You man... wanted to know also if this approval is the same as Invitation letter... or what is the invitation letter basically?

    Thank u again

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