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LVO Applicants July 01, 2011 FSW Applicants_MI 3

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Mr.Engineer, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Thanks dear Nekeol and forcabarca.i like ur comment.thanks for ur wishes mate.
  2. Thanks kukoo,abrahim. :)
  3. dear senior frnds/forum members

    hi to all

    plz let me know how long does it take to recieve 3rd line after medical done ?

    its been 20 days & no news :( ,.........for 3rd line that" we have recieved your medical reports "

    plz do reply frnds

    i m waiting 4 ur comments


    Ali Asim
  4. Do you know when your medicals were delivered?

    Mine were delivered to LVO on 10th April, and the E-cas update appeared on 19th April 2013

    Generally they wil update ecas between 1-2 weeks after receiving your medicals.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Please check inbox


  6. Hi guys.Regarding my new born yesterday, I send an enquiry to my visa officer and got reply now.i have been asked to pay $150 processing.i want to ask u guys that where this draft should be made payable to.Thanks
  7. This draft will be payable to The Receiver General for Canada........go to any exchange company today draft rate is 101.60 and charges are Rs. 1200/- for making a draft.....you can go to wallStreet or Dollar East. plus include birth certificate of baby ....
  8. hello dear forcabarca86 :)

    dear thnx 4 answering my querry

    but let me know how wud i confirm/trace that my reports have been delivered ?

    i dont know proceedure,....

    waiting 4 ur reply


    Ali Asim
  9. dear S.ansari :)

    kindly do let me know regarding confirmation of medicals....?


    Ali Asim
  10. Average time to update 3rd line on ecas is 31 days.......just wait soon your ecase will be updated...

  11. The whole thing about this process is putting your life on hold until the process is either completed or terminated. You have passed your medicals so there is no chance of rejection if you are confident about security checks etc. It is very frustrating and impossible to plan future life, work and family decisions until this is over. You will hear something sooner rather than later so hang in there.

    I will check out that restaurant as my wife is a big Indian/ Pakistani foodie. Thanks for the tip although will be gunning for you if i get Delhi Belly! ;D
  12. Congrats to you Zubair! ;D
  13. Any Chances the strike get over or (get lost in other words) now? Its more than months, y the hell thy are not taking it serious. So exhausted.
  14. I totally agree wd u farney. Life is paused just like mine :mad: worried about our second child. It will be long after its birth. First make his National ID card from Pak Embassy, it take 50 days, then passport and aftr passport his/her Resident Permit of KSA will be issued. Its a 4-5 month procedure. To the hell LVO.


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