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LMO for foreign worker or provincial nominee program in Canada.

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by thomasuk, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. I am currently working in London Marriott Hotel as a Night Guest Service Agents. I have over 6 years’ experience in hotel industry within accounts, front office, room service and housekeeping areas. I am hard working, reliable and honest. I can provide excellent work references.

    I have completed Master's from UK and finishing my MBA this September from UK. I have an IELTS band score-6.5 with clear police clearance certificate. Also I have a wide range of community, charity fundraising activities experiences.

    I am aiming to move to Canada under job offer with an LMO under foreign worker category. Any advice for foreign worker recruitment agency or employer?

    Also, I am highly interested to move to Monitobe or in Nova Scotia. Anyone can help me regarding this matter? I do not have any relatives as I am the first person from our family who has graduated from abroad University. I have made my career and success with handwork and honesty.

    I would very much appreciate any kind of advice or help.

    Many thanks in advanced.
  2. Why Manitoba or Nova Scotia? From what you say, you have no family in Canada. I do not think you should restrict yourself to a province yet.

    Look for job offers online, say starting at http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/intro-eng.aspx

    If you end up getting a job offer as a front desk clerk or similar, it would be best for you to be in Alberta or in BC. Front desk clerk is not a skilled job so it limits your options to immigrate but the provincial nominee programs in these provinces allow employers to sponsor front desk clerks and a handful of other occupations for PR due to shortage in the hotel industry.

    You can find links to the PNP's here:


    and here:


    This is also a possibility in Nova Scotia under community identified stream but the unemployment in Nova Scotia is a lot higher than in AB for example so I think it would be harder for you to get an LMO there.

    It may also be possible to do this in Manitoba but they have a points system, see http://www.immigratemanitoba.com/asset_library/2013/05/manitoba-immigration-mpnp-points-worksheet-interactive.pdf I think BC or AB would be best because they have already identified this shortage of workers as well as they have much more tourism than MB and NS.

    However, first you have to find that job and get that LMO and work permit. I would suggest that you stay away from agencies, especially if they want to charge you because there are a lot of scammers out there.
  3. @ Leon,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I have been trying so hard and I have submitted so many application and most case employer doesn't bother to reply at all.
    I really want to move to Canada as I think it’s a wonderful place to live to family and for children too.

    However, I have earned and learned in my life. However, I would like to consider to move min BC or in Alberta to and you are absolutely right I should keep my options open to move to Canada in any area in Canada.

    I meet the requirements to apply in Manitoba MPNP program but I do not have any friends, relatives or known person. In relation with Nova Scotia community identified scheme I need to show that I have a strong connection within Nova Scotia Community.

    Finally, I would try to give a priority to make a job application in BC and in Alberta as it is very nice to know the comparison about the tourism sector foreign worker recruitment.

    Many thanks to remind about the fraud agency recruitment policies. I will keep in my mind and its very helpful.

    I really appreciate the time you have spent for me and the wonderful suggestions. You know my situation now and if you know any direct employers are happy to recruit foreign worker in hospitality industry.

    Please do not hesitate to drop me a message. I always do believe hard work, determination and passion for try can make a wonderful success for everybody.

    Have a wonderful Sunday from London, UK
  4. It's hard to get a job offer and some say they had 100's of applications before they found the job that brought them to Canada. If you want to succeed, you have to keep trying. Keep going to job websites and applying for jobs or you could even apply directly to hotels you find online.

    Since you are working at the Marriott, have you tried Marriott in Canada? They have a job search website here: http://jobs.marriott.com/careers/SearchJobs and you can look for jobs in various cities. I see there is an opening for a front desk clerk in Vancouver, see http://jobs.marriott.com/careers/JobDetail/Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada-Front-Desk-Clerk/70242?lang=en

    Make sure you tell them you will need an LMO.
  5. Hi Leon,
    Many thanks again.
    Yes, I have applied directly to the hotels. Also I think I need to concentrate about BC area jobs. I saw other day the northern part of BC they need foreign workers very badly. I am very positive that there is a gap and I have the quality all I need to do to find the right employer.

    Yes, I am with Marriott last 3 years and I worked with Holiday Inn too with 3 years. If I apply I have to apply via transfer form which I have done in last year but I think in order to get a success I need to give a priority. Yes, I will mention on my application about LMO.

    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards,
  6. Are you a UK citizen? If you are, it would be possible for you to get a one year open work permit, an working holiday visa. There is similar programs in many countries in Europe as well as Australia. A one year open permit would help you get your foot in the door in order to come to Canada but you would still need to play your cards right if you want to be able to immigrate afterwards.
  7. Hi Leon,
    Thank you for your advice. I am an International student in the UK and am living in the UK last 6 years. I am Bangladeshi nationality. Yes, some other options are open in the European countries as well as in an Australia and in Canada. These options are applies for developed countries citizens.
    Only one option is open for me to migrate in canada which is work permit (LMO) visa or if some one will help me for Nova Scotia community driven intiative program or in Manitoba MPNP program under the friends relation.

    Thank you.
  8. And don't forget AINP and BC PNP. There is a lot more going on in the tourism industry there than in NS or MB. I think your best bet is putting in some hard work in order to find a job and an LMO. I don't think you will find anyone who is willing to sponsor a stranger for PNP in NS or MB. If they want to sponsor someone, they will sponsor their family.

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