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LMO - file number?? Pls help...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by katniss, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been reading quite a few posts for people who are on PGWP and have applied for an LMO (just like I have) and a lot of them have said they received a "file number" or "confirmation number" for their LMO application. My employer applied on Dec 7 and we have still not heard anything at all ( this was a mailed/paper application) ..... pls advise as to whether he needs to call SC to get this number?? How did everyone get this number....was this for online applications or is it applicable to paper applications too?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Katnis
    HRSC is taking long time to process LMO, the file number has to be provided to your employer as soon they put into the system, but it is very important your employer be calling every week until get it because otherwise it is like you are not on their map yet, so my advise is, keep asking your employer to call and ask, if you are sure they receive the paperwork ( do you have some tracking number that confirm that the envelope or fax was received?)...
  3. Hi Terry,

    Thanks a lot; my employer called them once a week over the past 3 weeks and finally received a file number yesterday :) hope to hear some good news soon!!
  4. Good Katnis!.. good luck in your process and getting positive answer :)
  5. My employer just got my file number a few days ago too, reallllllly hope that means I'll get an answer soon....does anyone know what kind of timeline we would be looking at once there is a file number?
  6. Hello everyone, this is my very first post on this forum.. not to wonder off topic.. your employer has to call HRSDC all the time if you want any results, sadly :/ and the process itself takes forever (in Ontario). In my case, started 22nd Sep. and will end today or tomorrow I hope!
  7. I asked my employer about the file number and they said they still don't have it .... the LMO was forwarded to SC on Dec 16....how long does it take to have the file number?
  8. Hope4mapleleaf:

    I do not want to scare you but by this time they should have the number, It is almost 2 months... do you know if at least they receive the mail or fax?.. when my employer sent mine, it took like 1 week for us to know that they said they had not received the fax or mail, so they request we send them again, so by one and half week later they confirmed they have them and provided File number... it seems is taking longer time just for the file number,,, as I said, do not scare, just at least be sure they have gotten your papers and then await for the number... but before anything, always positive thoughts! ;)
  10. hi terry2011,
    i got the file number from my employer....do you know how more weeks after getting a file number?
  11. Hope4mapleleaf:
    well, with the lead time that they have taken to give just the file number I wouldnt be so sure to tell you how long, because in my case I got it at the end of OCt/11 and the confirmation for the LMO was on January 31/12.. I have read cases with a shorter time, but as far I see comments, the entire process takes like 14 weeks average.. hopefully, they are hurrying with the process and yours take little less ;).. blessings on your waiting..
  12. Hi everyone, i just wanna ask how long it will take my LMO here in Ontario? Because my boss already submitted my application in SC last jan.24,2012 and she fax it already same day. Until now i don't have a file number. How can i get my file number? My work permit expires this coming April 2012.
  13. hi all can anyone advise on what forms ect i can begin to fill out while waiting for lmo for estevan.we are family of 6.trying to be positive about lmo :p :p
  15. Hi,
    My boss got my file number just today, what is the next thing to do? Do we need to wait for their (SC)call.
    We need advise.

    Thanks :)

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