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live-in caregiver program processing time in Riyadh

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by rrsd0608, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hello guys.Thanks i've found this forum.
    I have a problem regarding my application as caregiver. I submitted a complete application kit on May29,2011 but was returned to me on June 1,2011 due to incomplete documents. I resend my documents on June 4,2011 and until now I haven't heard any acknowledge or response regarding my application.Even all my original documents has not been returned to me yet. Accdg to cic website, it will took 6 months to process the application and we will be able to receive approval/refusal once they assessed the application. I'm having problem with it because my LMO will expire on aug 5,2011 and our employer is expecting us by the end of August 2011. but the problem is, until now I haven't received any response. is there any chance to know the status of my application? what is the best thing to do?
    I need advise.thanks.
  2. hi..we have the same worries with regrdz to r application..Im from ABHA, KSA..!! I submitted my application last 2010 of August and sad to say me & my employer were rejected. We decided to reapply after a month and with goDs grace i received my LMO last December. By February i submiTTED all my dox with my orignal papers at Riyadh embassy. It took 3 months after i recvd my medical opinion (May 3rd week) I weNt to Jeddah for my medical examination last June 1 and after which i had my medical exam reports were directly sent to London for checking. Till now i havent recv any calls from the embassy for my visa. Its almost 4 months since i finished my med exam. LAst month i tried to send an email to riyadh embassy and acdg to dem it takes 26 weeks for the visa processing..!! What im worried about was my LMO was expired already last July & my orig dox were still not senT to me f ever im rejected..Thankz..!! Kip r faith strong..
  3. hi.i also tried to send an email in riyadh but i did not receive any reply.sobrang tagal na nga nung akin.it's been 3 months now and i havent receive any acknowledgement from them.kahit na medical or police clearance,wala pa akong natatapos.nung nag-send ka ng email,they told you that it will take 26 wks for the visa processing? so what they mean to say is that, hindi pala kasama sa processing period na 6 months yung time na nag-submit tayo ng application?so yung visa processing mag-start from the time na nakumpleto na yung lahat ng requirements like medical,police etc?ano ba yun!!!ok lang yung LMO mo kc naipasok na sa cic yun.so no need to worry bsta naisubmit na sa cic ang application mo. bsta cguro we just need to pray harder.balitaan mo nalang ako if there are updates on your application.Godbless us on our application.
  4. Same hir...!! maYbe it taKes 6months to process the visa..!! try to send email or send fax maybe uL knoW wats going on..dO u havE frienDs with d samE prob..? =)
  5. hello im in jeddah just want to share me too im applying as a live in care giver i send my application last april 27 2011 and since i came from vacation in pinas i send my original passport in riyad july 5 2011 and recieved a call that they received my original passport and asking what category im applying for i told them live in care giver.august 7 2011 i received a text that i have to pay again the processing fee because it was expired already ( processing fee is 30 days only ) so i pay again.just read in there web site cic.ive been emailing them 3 times first they did not anwer me 3rd time they email me if i keep on asking regarding my application during processing time is not allowed otherwise they will reject my application.bawal po talaga mag injuire while naka process pa ang papel mo kasi sa live in care give 12months po ang processing time nila.till now my orig doc. still in riyad so hintay na lang po tayo sana ma grant lahat sana mag ka visa tayo god speed :)
  6. hi beTter for u coZ u alReady senT ur passPort..!! aFter u did ur mediCaL exAm, how manY monTHs u waited beFore theY callEd you to pass youR pasPort..? As foR me its already 5months since june first..waT im worrieD abouT was that my LMo was already expired..Yeah hoPfuLLy iT wiLL be grAntEd..=) goD bLEss
  7. hi spare still i didnt recieve medical advice yet i just sent my original passport last july 7 2011 im still waiting for there advice.they will not consider your application without orig passport.
  8. hi dont worry if your LMO is expired already. As long as you submmited your visa application before expired yoir good. Next step is to wait for your visa and then you will get your work permit at the port of entry in canada. So dont worry. I heard it takes a year to get decision becuse of medical examination compere to some wp that dont require med exam. So just be patient visa will come soon.
  9. hi..yeAh eveRy enD of the moNth im emotionaLly and mentaLLy constipated..do you have same worries with us..? pls share..thankz..god bless..
  10. i got my medical request yesterday pero binalik nila ang additional form for live in care giver. somebody help me to answer i got cofused regarding sa sa mga question on what basis are you submitting your application? care giver course,employment experience,educational background.sagot ko educational back ground .nurse po ako tapos what was the exact duration of your care giver training?what will be my answer? here kasi nurse po ako hindi na man care giver i know simple lang sa inyo pero nakakalerke tapos what time and days of week did you attend classes. classes ba ng care giver o sa nursing nakakalito somebody help me pls :(
  11. police clearance in jeddah ksa

    let me share my experiece i got my medical referral with the request of police clearance from riyad they send me a form in arabic written but my name was not written so i went to police department to have a finger print.they did not accept it wala na mang instruction na ako pala ang mag fill up non in arabic so pumunta pa ako sa canada jeddah consulate to ask kung sino mag sulat noon sabi nya ako lang pala or kung sino marunong mag sulat nag arabic din dfa
  12. mga kpatid help nmn po nun ngpasa po ba kau ng complete application kit eh cnama nio na un passport not photo copy!!pls reply po & godbless all
  13. yes sinama kuna lahat kasi noong time na diko sinama passport ko kasi na ka vacation ako sa pinas.noong time na pinasa ko na ang orog passport ko yon lang nila pansinin ang application mo after 3 mos for mag request sila ng for medical na.
  14. @gen11 thnks po s reply ngpasa kc ako ng application last may 09,2011 kasama un orig. passport ko until now wala pa medical request na advice sakin problema ko nagyn mg8mos na wala prin ako nrereciv sa knila response.huli reply nila sakin nun last aug.10 para mgsubmit ng new bankdraft hanggang ngayn wala parin..kapag ba ayw na ng employer ko mabaliwala n lahat un!!thnk u godbless!
  15. @rrsd0608 ano ng balita sa application mo halos sabay lng tau ngpass!!!

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