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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lonelycanadianwifey, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Good morning all,

    we want some more news today kgn!!!!!!!!!!!

    reemagray congrats my dear, you seem to be closer to finish line.

    lonely_wife speedy movements on the passpor hon, i like it!!

  2. great new everyone!! Welcome back Reemagray great news for you as well....we still waiting to be updated at all since they put up that they recieved app September :S Glad to see that there are some out there getting news :) have a blessed weekend all!
  3. oh one question..how long till medical expires?
  4. I believe medicals expire after 1 year from the date they were completed. Don't worry Abaco, you will soon hear :)
  5. Hey everyone

    Monday is the big day when i find out what i am having so i am taking guesses ...Pray fi mi hubby him get him bwoy!! i mean either way a gods wuk ....so it nuh nuttin

    Now people Guess away!! i want to logg back in and see some action

  6. Voting for the boy!
  7. Voting for twins. LOL, boy and girl
  8. lol jahlove good one :D I vote.....boy

    thanks reema I hope so :)
  9. how long ofter you send in your passport too the Canada embess they take to give you visa ,anyone know
  10. Hi Jetice! It can take any where from 1 week to over 8 weeks. In this group there has been so many variances on the time. I beleive, generally it is 2 weeks. :)

    Any one else want to chime in?
  11. On average, most persons are given a date of two weeks after submission of their passports to return to collect their passports with the visa stamped inside.
  12. Im feeling a BOY!!!!!! ;)
  13. lcw... i will go say the opposite of everyone and say a GIRL lol
  14. congratulations lonely_wife, Kimore , chukie and all with good news !!!!!!

    My baby guess .... boy!!!!
  15. Yes Congratulations once again to All who have heard news!! That is great to hear.

    I am going to guess that the baby is going to be a GIRL

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