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Is there a link between apartment requirement and # of children?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Lacrim, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Hi there,
    My question may seem a bit strange, but anyway I have to ask ;-)

    So, is there any official requlations in Toronto, Ontario, stating that if I have two children, then I should have (rent, buy) an apartment with 2 bedrooms minimum?

    Once I have read somewhere that it is almost a law to follow, but cannot find anything to support this suggestion.

    If anyone from Toronto can help me with this - I will be greatful
  2. I haven't heard about it, though it makes sense - kids need to have a separate room.
  3. There is probably some sort of fire code or health code that limits how many people can live in one apartment but I have never heard of any law stating that children must have separate rooms. When you look for apartments, ask the landlord. The lease is usually written out for how many people are living in the apartment.
  4. Thank you, friends. Now I see that it is landlord who can limit the amount of people living in the apartment. I have just been thinking that for the first time perhaps we could live in a 1 bedroom apartiment (bedroom for 2 boys and living room for me and wife). On the other hand, if the difference is about 100 CAD as I see at some ads, then it is no point of taking less, because the economy is not that much.
  5. There are bylaws and community or apartment rules that may restrict number of rooms with number of people. It varies case by case.
  6. It used to be that if you had children under 2, they could share room if different sex.
    Different sex children need their own room if over 2 yrs..if 4 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl, different rooms
    I am a landlord back home, I would not rent to anyone if the children had to share a room.
    So a 2 bedroom will very to how many kids, how old they are.
  7. Is this an actual rule or a personal opinion?

  8. actually it's quite common rule.
  9. Finally I found it:

    I think it's pretty strict. Basically it means that parents can not have a baby sleep in their bedroom and I know that a lot of people do.

    I also don't see a problem with 3 children sharing a bedroom if it's a big one. I know my 2 older brothers shared a bedroom after at least one of them had turned 18 with no ill effects. I know families where one child sleeps in the living room or the parents sleep in the living room. It depends on how much money you have.

    In my opinion, discuss it with your prospective landlord. If your landlord says ok, no problem. The police will not come to your house at random and tell you that you don't have enough room. If the police happened to be there for something else, that's another story.
  10. I think that there shouldn't be a problem if family of four will rent a 2-room apartment.
  12. I think most people in Canada would find it weird to have kids that old sleeping with you in your bedroom, let alone in your bed but actually, the rules don't say that they have to sleep in their bedrooms. It just says they have to have bedrooms.
  13. Hi,

    I am planing to land in Torotno on June 01st. We are total four mmber, my two kids are 3yr and 2 yr. I don't think that they can sleep without us. I am looking for 1 bed room apartment. Will it be any problem considering the rules and regulations. Can anybody advice me.


  14. According to these rules, you should be looking for a 2 bedroom apartment where one of the bedrooms would be allocated to the kids. However, if a landlord is willing to rent you a 1 bedroom apartment and put on the lease that you are living there with a family of 4, then I don't see a problem. It's not like the authorities live in your house or anything.
  15. I know most states require that each child living in the home have his or her own bed. if there are children of both genders in the home, then there should be enough divided room "single rooms" to allow each boy a private room, each girl a private room, and the guardian to have a private room. 8)

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