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Invitation letter for brother and extended family

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ahmed22, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have tried to look through the posts to find answers to my question but unfortunately I was not able to get an answer, so I am hoping I can get some help from everyone here.

    I am on a post graduation work permit and have already applied for my PR via Canadian Experience Class. I am getting married in July and my fiancee is a Canadian Citizen (by birth). I need to send an invitation letter to for my brother as he had his visit visa rejected once already.

    My question is, should I write the invitation letter myself inviting my brother and or get my fiancee to write it (as she is a Canadian citizen) or should the both of us be part of the invitation letter inviting my brother ?? I just want to be sure that I don't mess up my brother's chance of obtaining a visa and I really want him to attend my wedding. I will be using the same invitation letter to send to my aunt and uncle who would like to attend the wedding as well. They are all of Indian nationality.

    Any thoughts/suggestion are much appreciated.

  2. main sponsorer name as ur wife's ,with her you because they are ur relatives.
    they will likely get visit visa easily if have some bank balance. just mention ur ceremony's date if possible in invitation and there are max chance for visa ,inshalah and gud luck in a new married life . wa salam.
    still u can take advice ... "MAMMAN AND SANDLUK ASSOCIATES" in Toronto,u can get there no easily by searching on google .there is no harm even if u spend 100 or 150 dolars for an expencive advice from an expert lawyer . this is best info i could give .thanks bro.
  3. Thank you very much saifsmarty. I am based out of Calgary so will have to look for local lawyers here. Inshallah his visa will come thru. Thanks again.
  4. At this time Canada is ruled by a Conservative government and it is difficult to get a visitor visa, they don’t want people to come and more if you are Hispanics or any other nationality that doesn’t wear turbans/sharees. Anyway, you should try and ask your fiancee to send an invitation, you may be luckier.
    I am a Canadian Citizen and while other parties were in the government, my mother visited me 6 times without a problem so did my nephew when he was 18 yrs old and wanted to come to Canada to ski (he stayed for a month and returned when his vacations was over – from part of January 2008 to part of February 2008).
    This year I invited his brother who is 12 years old – he also holds an open visa to USA for 10 years and will due in 2014, (as a birthday present) and Immigration Canada rejected the visa request giving unintelligent excuses, saying that the 12 yrs old was planning to stay in Canada!!!, also that they couldn't prove the family ties... that's a joke!!! When I came to live in Canada, immigration got all my family information, full name of the member of my family, including my sibling names. One of those siblings is my sister who is the mother of the nephew I invited. Also they said they couldn't prove the financial situation of his parents... We never said that they were going to pay for the trip or stay and I specified in my invitation letter that all the expenses were going to be covered by me (I attached a job letter) and they never call nor they asked for anything else to prove my financial situation which is good.
    Immigration Canada is not performing a good investigation (they never checked my file to see if my sister was included as part of my family, nor they checked who of my family visited and if they didn’t return (no one of my family members has intention to live in Canada, not even paying them to stay!!!), nor they call or emailed to my work to proof my income, I was never contacted to ask for any other information.
    Immigration Canada has the current address where my nephew is living with his mom, dad and brother and the servants in the MOST EXCLUSIVE gated community in Samborondon, Guayaquil, Ecuador (just few meters from Noboa's residence in Samborondon) and concurring to Torremar which is a private school, one of the best (if they really want to investigate they could log in the internet and do a quick search). This trip was a present for my nephew and Immigration Canada shouldn’t investigate my nephew’s parent financial (they have money but didn’t provided the proofs), as I was fully responsible for the expenses and with more than $47,000 in the bank should suffice for 2 weeks stay... or not???
    They didn't have good fundaments to reject the visa, they didn't want him to come to visit (who wants to come in winter, by the way!!!); the Conservatives are against family ties and DON’T like immigrant to have the right to receive visitors. A criminal in Canada has more rights than a good citizen as criminal have the right to receive visitor while in jail.
    I have a friend who is also Canadian Citizen (she is from Zapala, Guatemala) and she invited her sister who is living in Guatemala, she provided with 2 invitation letter, one from her and another from her daughter), both are working full time, and Immigration Canada also reject the visa. They hate Hispanic, that’s for sure.
    I am sorry to alert you about this, but I believe it is better for you to be aware that you may be rejected, and more because you are Hispanic, like us (we are from Argentina and my sister with her spouse and children are living in Ecuador since Jan. 2008 due to a temporary transfer of her husband for a period of 4 years).
    My suggestion is to for you to wait until the Conservatives are not ruling the government.
    I wish you the best of luck
    Clelia Alejandra

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