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INTERVIEW - Help me please!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ajith111, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hello All,

    My wife has her interview very soon at the ND office. What will they ask in the interview? Her Passport is with the ND office only. Is there anyone who have been GIVEN the VISA after the interview. If so could you guys help me out please?

    Ours is an arranged marriage. We applied in August 2011 and Passport was requested in Nov 2011.

    Any help in this regard is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. hi ajith
    best of luck for your wife's interview and they might tell her decision after interview but wont issue visa immediately.
    i have some questions for your wife to get ready ( copied from gwalyat's post)
    here r some questions which r asked commonly on interview, take all the proofs ur have i.e. pre wedding, wedding or after wedding pics, skypechat or emails prints or ur joint bank acc statement or FD etc.
    if u need any otherhelp msg me, dont get tensed. u shud b well dressed n b confident feel like ur telling ur story to ur friend n wht ever he is asking u answer him n u ll clear it, dont worry mate id the relation is genuine they cant stop u guys if u still have question can msg me or call me

    How did you meet your sponsor?
    Who was involved in arranging the marriage?
    How is the middle man related or known to both families?
    Did you talk with each other privately before agreeing to the marriage?
    Why did you not get married earlier? (especially asked of a woman in the Punjab marrying later than 26-28)
    When did your sponsor immigrate to Canada? (the visa officer is attempting to find out if the applicant has knowledge of the sponsor)
    Do you have any relation with your sponsor other than marriage? (visa officer is attempting to ascertain whether there was a relationship and therefore a motive to sponsor the applicant other than a genuine marital relationship)
    Who accompanied your sponsor when he/she came to get married? (something the applicant should know if they are in a genuine relationship)
    Who proposed? When was the proposal made? When did you get married? (basic...)
    When did you and your sponsor live together? (also elementary, and a question contained in the sponsorship questionnaire)
    What was his/her previous job before present employment? Why did sponsor change jobs? How long at current employment? (see above)
    What does sponsor like about the job? What is his/her boss/supervisor's name? What are the names of the people he/she works with? What is the nature of the job? How much does he/she make?(see above)
    What does sponsor like/dislike about? (visa officer is attempting to get a spontaneous response)
    Where do you and your sponsor plan to live in Canada?
    What are your spouse's friends' names?
    What is spouse's favourite sport?
    Did you go on a honeymoon or outing after your marriage?
    Where did you go to/How long did you go for?
    How often, and how do you stay in contact with your spouse?
    How old is your spouse? What is your spouse's birth date? Where did your spouse go to school'? Study in Canada.....detail
    Where does your spouse work? What is the name of the company? What position does your spouse hold? How long has your spouse worked there? What does the job entail? Does your spouse like his or her job? What is the salary?
    Where does your spouse live? Whom does your spouse live with?
    Does she had any relative in Canada? What are their names and where do they live? What do they do & there families?
    Do you have & your spouse have any hobbies? Describe them.
    what type of music do you enjoy? What type of music or singer does you & your spouse enjoy?
    What kind of books do you read? What kind of books does your spouse read?
    Was your marriage arranged? If it was arranged describe how it was arranged and by whom? When and where did the marriage proposal take place? Who came to you home that time
    Did you have a ceremony celebrating before marriage? When & where was it held? Describe the ceremony? Who was present there? exchanged gifts?
    When & Where did you get married? What family members were there? How many people were at the ceremony? Did you receive any wedding gifts? were both parents there? if no why
    Did you have a reception after marriage? When & where was it held? Describe the ceremony? Who was present there? exchanged gifts? were both parents there? if no why
    When did the you spouse came back India for that?
    When did your wife leave India? How many days we together after marriage? What did you do? Why so less time? Do you think you could understand each other or she could understand your family during that time?
    How many brothers and sisters does your spouse have?
    Have you met any of your spouse's relatives or friends? Whom have you met and when did you meet them?
    Did it conform to your own religious and cultural beliefs? Explain.
    In terms of education, would you say that you and your spouse's educational background are compatible?
    What is your spouses future career plan?
    What will you do when you go to Canada?
    why did you marry your spouse?
    Since your marriage have you seen your spouse? If not, why not?
    Do your family members (parents, siblings) want to immigrate to Canada?
    How do you correspond with your spouse? How often do you talk on the phone? Do you have phone bills, e-mails, cards, etc., and can I see them?
    Your wife's phone no., email add., address? Does she have laptop or computer?
    why didn't you work for the time you are in India?
    Tell me why this marriage or relationship is genuine. What makes your relationship with your spouse different from that of a female/male friend?
    If I refuse this application what will you do?

  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ashunandal. I think this will surely help us a lot.

    I heard that in most cases, if an interview is called, they will reject? Is it true? I am really very worried and depressed.

    Thanks again for your help!
  4. hi ajit is not true that if they call you that mean they will reject much ppls here was called for interview and they was good...i had interview and the visa officer tell me in the end that evry thing is good and they will inchallah call me for visa...my interview dont take more than 15 munits and she dont even look at any prove...my edvise for you is trust on your self good look at the visa officer eyes dont be stressed dont lie just say the truth trust me the way you talk and you definde your self is the most important if you make her or him be sure that your realtion is genuin than no prob the officer dont know you before she just will juge you from what you will say and tell her you can take all prove you need us maby they ask but all they need its truth no else i hope that will help you

  5. Thank you very much bilbol11. You were words were so encouraging.
  6. you welcom ajith111 for any question you can send me a personnel msg or you can ask here i can help ou with pleasure
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH once again Bilbol11. You are very kind and compassionate!
  8. hi guys

    who will normally take interview i NDVO canadian or indian??

  9. Most probably it should be a Canadian. In some cases there could be Canadian/Indian also. Like POI.

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