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incorrect passport number on the visa

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by alvy, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I receievd my canadian immigartion visa stamped but mu passport number is entered wrong on the visa. Has anyone encountered such a situation. What should I do now, any valid suggestions please?. I have only 3 months left for the medicals to expire.
  2. Contact the embassy that issued it and ask them what to do. Frankly, if you are anywhere near this embassy, I would go in person and speak to someone there. Maybe they could fix it right then, whereas if you mail it in, who knows how long it might take.
  3. I had same issue. What did you do?
  4. Can any one you help me? what did you do?

    send email to me venkuds@yahoo.com
  5. Send an email to the consulate that issued your visa, tell them what the error is in your visa/COPR, and you will be instructed what to do. My visa has no problem but my COPR has error for birth place and dependent's name. I was instructed to proceed with landing and notify the error at POE.

  6. I have sent 1st email on 19th april .then every alternate day, i send email or fax. till now i did not get any reply. i called everyday and no one is giving me correct answer.I have land canada before end of june. I praying with lot of hope everyday get answer to correct the passport number on the visa.

    Any help on this, I would appreciate
  7. Could delay the landing process if this happens...complications.
    Contact your embassy and ask them to rectify this...if it is still unheard..land with all these emails you send to the embassy so you have proof to prove that you tried and its not your fault ( but usually it is the applicants responsibility to make sure all info is correct.
  8. that's what I am trying. I trying to fix the problem ASAP. hope it will get resolved soon
  9. If this is the ND consulate, you can also use their small consulates they have in diff cities like chennai etc...
    they will help you with this as its a change request which is no big deal.
  10. This is New york consulate-USA. I am in Houston. i think there is one in houston.

    Let me call them today and talk to them and see.


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