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Important Medical Form Question (outland)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Shylox, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, we have a question about the medical exam form for outland applicants(Appendix C, I think). I went and have done my exam and on the form under the question "visa office processing your file" we put CPP-Ottawa because the Buffalo office is now closed(we read here somewhere that people suggest this). But now We're unsure if that was the right thing to do and we want to confirm that it's okay. If anyone knows what office its suppose to go to please let us know. I need to know ASAP so that I can call the doctor if things need changed.

    If it's any help, I'm am American and we're filing for a family class visa.

    Thanks so much for any advice that can be given, we really appreciate it.
  2. Hi

    That's correct.
  3. I have a similar question. I am applying from Taiwan, the application needs to be sent to Mississauga first then if will be sent to Hong Kong. So on the Appendix C do I write Mississauga or Hong Kong?
  4. Hong Kong :) They are asking for the visa office that will be making the decision on the applicant (Mississauga does a preliminary check to approve the sponsor, not the applicant).
  5. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
  6. This is exactly why we were confused as well! I wasn't thinking and thought that the medical thing needed to be sent to Mississauga too because thats where I send my file in the first place, I didn't realize that it had to go to wherever my file will be forwarded to after that. So thanks for clearing that up.

    And thank you to the previous person who answered my question in the first place =)
  7. Okay so the doctor office calls me today and tells me that my form is wrong because it's suppose to say Buffalo and not CPP-Ottawa. I tried explaining to the lady that the Buffalo office is closed so now everyone is being told to have their VO as Ottawa. She doesn't believe me because she claims that no one from the Buffalo office informed them of this change, and I'm thinking, yea no kidding they didn't really inform anyone until it was done. But I've been trying to get a hold of Service Canada so I can ask them what to do but I can't get through, it doesn't even put me on hold it just disconnects the call.

    I'm at a loss here, the doctor's office wont believe me and I can't get a hold of the people who they will believe. This is delaying things even more for me. So frustrating! Does anyone have any advice, is there anyone else I could call for this?

    I don't understand why they don't believe me because it says right on the website that the Buffalo office is closed. Ugh.
  8. Hi :) Sorry you are having such a hard time in something that should be straightforward.

    You can try one more time with this link referencing the big yellow box and CPP-O for PRs two rows below if you haven't shown it to them already. If not, I would suggest letting it go and letting them write Buffalo in. Honestly, the files all go to the Regional Medical Office for review (Ottawa for you if you did exam in US) and a decision and then get linked up with your file at the VO. CPP-O won't have trouble finding it because they wrote Buffalo.

    So, even if you *know* you're right, I wouldn't make an enemy out of the physician and their office in trying to prove it to them knowing that it won't hurt your file any.

    You can then help future folks out by e-mailing Ottawa to let them know of the problem at ottpilot-immigration @ cic.gc.ca.

    Good luck. :)

    ETA - On the plus side, you can be happy that the office you picked is meticulous enough to double check all the details. They may have outdated info, but they likely won't miss including a form or document :)

  9. I tried telling them about that link as you suggested earlier when I spoke with them but that was not enough for them. If it truly doesn't matter if it says Buffalo or Ottawa then perhaps I'll just have them leave it that way. It wont cause any types of delays or confusion if it gets done that way? The exam was done here in Canada though, not the US.

    I definitely don't want to argue with them, and thus far I haven't but I can't afford for anything to get messed up just because the wrong office got written down. I'm amazed that they have no idea about this. But you're right, I'm glad that they are double checking things!
  10. It really shouldn't matter. Doing the exam in Canada also means the physician will send it to the Ottawa Regional Processing Center and from there matched up. They'll know about the change and will mentally translate Buffalo -> Ottawa :)

    If you are in Canada, you could also try calling CIC but it will likely be an uphill battle to try to get them to call the DMP.

    Honestly, I'd drop it (have them write in Buffalo) and try not to worry about it :)
  11. Okay, thanks so much for your advice! We really appreciate it =)
  12. You're welcome. Now that you've gotten the hiccup out of the way, may the rest of your application process be super smooth :)
  13. If you wanted, you could try printing out

    and giving it to the DMP so they are up to date for the next person. I wouldn't worry about it though :)
  14. Yea I thought about it, but the office is pretty out of my way to go there just for that if I don't have to. Thanks though ;-)
  15. Oh gosh, it sounds like you had the same DMP as me. Mine tried to tell me it was illegal and my application would be cancelled if I did my medical in Canada and applied through the US. ::)

    They also had no idea that Buffalo closed. When I mentioned that I would have been sending my application to B'lo, had it been open, they referred to all the other visa offices that I could send it to (Seattle, New York, etc...all of which don't take PR apps...frustrating!!) This was followed with the strong recommendation..insistance rather, that since I'm in Canada on a work permit that I should apply through Vegreville and that it wasn't any faster to apply outland through the States. I won't be surprised if my blood pressure comes back as elevated as this happened all before the physical.

    They originally gave me the inland forms (which I didn't recognize until after the DMP notified me of this). I politely indicated that due to a communication error, I was not given the 1017 ECF, as requested. I then had to call a wonderful agent at CIC after my appointment to reassure me that I was able to get the meds done in Canada and apply through Ottawa. With this information and a few minutes of back and forth with the secretary at the office, I was finally given the 1017 ECF forms.

    The rudeness of the physician and the lack of knowledge of the employees at the clinic about important immigration information makes me so disappointed that they're able to provide immigration services and make money from it. Is there a way to report complaints? I feel so bad for others having to put up with this, too.

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