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Immigration Medical Exam Chandigarh / Mohali

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Destiny.CA, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    When I got the MR and I researched on the forum, there was a lot of content on how/when/where and who to see and how to get the Medical done. However, none of the information was complete and sufficient. So, I wanted to put it at one place for everyone's reference. Hope this would help.

    My strong advice is that the day you receive your MR, the same day you book an appointment with the designated CIC Doctor in your area. The link for the same (list of doctors) would be given in the PDF file that you would get in your email for MR.

    If like my case, you are in and around Chandigarh area, I would very strongly advice you to book appointment with Fortis, Mohali. There are two doctors who are certified in this area. Some female in Phase 2 and Dr. Vikas Bhutani in Fortis, Mohali. I have heard the old doc lady in Ph 2 gives date for 15 days in future and she likes to see naked boys and touch their nutsack. I dint want to take that chance so booked appointment with Dr. Vikas. The present medical fee is a total of INR 3100 only.

    Call Fortis, get connected to Dr. Vikas, book a day with him. He generally asks applicants to come around 11 AM on a specific date.

    Reach Fortis at around 10.45 AM in the OPD section, ground floor. Counter number 1 is for Immigration. You would meet this guy named Rajiv and a crackhead female who assists him. Carry with you 2 Passport copies, 6-7 photographs, your medical history docs (if any), Medical request letter from NDVO which bears your file number and application number, Cash of Rs. 3500 or more and A PEN (Rajiv doesn't like to share his own pen).

    Rajiv opens up the counter at 11 AM. Make sure you are as close to the counter as possible. Like the rush waiting to get into a cinema hall, back in the days when seat numbers were not alloted, people here who come for medical exam, like to do the same and occupy a closer position to the counter. Make sure u are attended to in the first 1-5 sequence or else your entire day is lost.

    Rajiv gives you two forms to fill, in which you would have to mention your name/address/file number/application number/Applied under(PR, student etc) and asks you for 2600 Rupees. You would wonder why just 2600 and not 3100. We'll come to it later.

    He would inturn give you a receipt for 2500 only. He likes to keep 100 for his own pocket in the name of Embassy Registration (Which does not exist). The crackhead lady would give you a set of docs that you need to fill.

    Then you would be called for urine and blood tests after a wait of about 1-2 hours. It would already be 1-1.30 by then. The urine/medical guys are very fast to complete tests. No pain in any test.

    Then you are directed to go to this snobbish nurse who does your BP, height and weight. She takes her own sweet time of 30-45 mins to call you and performs tests as if she is doing a great favor on you. Anyway.

    Then you are asked to wait right outside Dr. Vikas's cabin. It is already 2-2.15 by now. On the day I went there was a huge rush of patients to see Dr. Vikas and 10-20 medical representatives who were to see him as well. Once MRs go inside his cabin, they take sweet half to one hour to come out. Then Dr. Vikas would close the door from inside to have his lunch. Around 3.30-4 your turn would come to see him. Inside you would be asked to read the eyesight alphabets with your spectacles on. Then if Dr. Vikas is in good mood he would ask you about your application etc. You would be asked to lay on a bed and remove your shirt/lift it up. Normal checkup for heart beat etc and then you would hear why you paid just 2600 outside.

    You would now have to go to this XRay center in 20 C. Dr. Vikas would give you two forms. One is a receipt of your Medical exam that you have to send to embassey and another one to hand over at XRAY center. The xray shop is in the Gurudwara block (computer market) of sector 20 c, right on the main road.

    Go there and you would an angry old lady who would ask you for Rs.600. Submit your passport copy, picture and original passport, get xray done, take your passport back and your medical exam is over !!! BTW if you look at your watch, it's already 5-5.30 PM and your day is gone !!! Have a beer on your way back home.. Hee hee !!!

    Hope all the information above helps... Best of luck.. Cheerz !
  2. Well explained....!!! though late for me,I'have done with my Medical last week @ Delhi.
  3. How wz yr experience??? If u cud talk about it... Thanks !

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