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IMM 5406 Additional Family Information

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Lynnekovan, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I have found yet another form that I'm unsure of whether I need to fill it in or not. The IMM5406 seems to be asking my husband, who I am sponsoring, about his dependents. Also it looks as if it should be included in Part 2, once my request to sponsor him has been accepted.

    Can anyone please enlighten me? Thanks so much for all the help so far!

  2. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/3999Etoc.asp

    This guide states the following:

    Additional family information (IMM 5406)

    Who needs to fill out this application form?

    This form must be completed by:

    You, as the principal applicant,
    Your spouse or common-law partner (whether accompanying you to Canada or not), and
    Your dependent children aged 18 or over (whether accompanying you to Canada or not).
  3. I am sponsoring my Chinese wife. We have a child. We entered his information on the form, along with my wife's parents, her sister, and myself. Is this correct? The definition of family confuses me. Dependent children is also confusing, because our son is a Canadian citizen, but he is still dependent on us...did we fill this out correctly?

  4. You appear to have included extra family beyond what is required - if it were me I would just say, that's okay and thanks for the extra information. All you need to include in this case is what is considered your immediate family. That would mean your wife and any children - it could include children from another relationship/marriage that meet the criteria of dependant. You can find that definition in the material available in the application forms.

    If you have listed all these extra people a reasonable officer will see they are not your 'dependants' or immediate family for CIC purposes.
  5. But it says "additional family"...so if I am only sponsoring my wife, I put her name, my name, and our son's name...do I leave the 'mother', 'father' and 'sister sections blank? This doesn't make sense...and now I am confused...no big surprise there :p

  6. This is from the guide:

    Section A

    Write the personal details for:

    your spouse or common-law partner (if applicable)
    your mother
    your father

    Does it mean only if they are being sponsored? So for me, since I am the sponsor, do I leave the 'spouse' blank? It says in Section B that we must list our children, even if they are already Canadian citizens.

  7. IMM 5406 is details of the sponsored person's family (relatives), this time including parents, siblings and children.

    A - Include YOUR name as the spouse/sponsor (if you are filling in the form). Note that if you do not include the name of a spouse, you are required to sign saying you are not married, which would not be correct. Also you need the applicant's name, and the names of his/her parents. This is mandatory, they are not being sponsored, but CIC wants to know who the prospective immigrant's parents are.

    B - Include the names of ALL your children, including any children acquired by marriage, if applicable.

    C - Names of ALL the sponsored spouses brothers and sister, including half- and step-siblings. Again, they just need this for information purposes, this is not because they are being sponsored.
  8. My apology, of course you must include your extended family on this form for review. As you have noted family members must be included so you appear to have read the information required as necessary and need no instruction! Well done.
  9. NBaker!! Haha...it's confusing enough...haha...but I appreciate your attempts at offering advice...even if it was dead wrong! haha

    Cheers...not to you, NBaker!!! haha...just joking, of course...

  10. Wow - you appeared to enjoy that, just a little too much! Careful!
  11. hi thr please help me i am bit confused while filling this form... i am primary applicant..nd according to you i should mention my parents name.. but we check any where on cic website it says give the info only about dependents like wife or children.. plz clarify this.. nd same do we have to mention the name of brothers nd sisters also even if i am not sponsoring them????
  12. The name of the form is IMM 5406 Additional Family Information. On all the other immigration forms, 'family members' means only your immediate family, that is your spouse or partner and any children (though there is also another form that asks for your parents' names). On this form, CIC wants info about your additional family, so yes, include your spouse or partner, your parents, your children, and all siblings, even if they are already Canadian or PR, and even if they are not being sponsored by you and never will be.

    This is just background information CIC wants. They use it for background checks, and will check the info against other applications made by relatives.
  13. Many Thanks for ur reply...
  14. Guys,

    I had some questions relating who is the Applicant in case of the spouse, on the form.
    The following video helped me alot.


    God bless :)
  15. Hi All,

    I am filling-up this form and I am stuck and confused since I am Separated with my former wife and currently, Annulment process is underway, Do i need to include her on this form?


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