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IMM 1017 EFC and Appendex D for medical Exam?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by toledo, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have filled out all the forms for family class sponsorship for my wife. And am now ready to pass the medical examination for her. In the Guide (IMM 3000.pdf) it explains that Appendix D should be filled out and should be taken to the DMP (Doctor). and also it mentions that quote

    "DMP will give you copy 2 of the Medical Record: IMM 1017 EFC - Medical Report Section A. Include
    the original copy with your application. (Photo copy will not be accepted)"

    So, my question is:

    Do I need to fill out IMM 1017 EFC? if yes. where can I get a copy of it. and if no, will DMP give it to me, once the medical examination is complete? Because in the check-list, it asks for a copy of 1017 signed by doctor.

    Can someone please clarify this....

    Appreciate your comment.


  2. Hi - I got my copy at the Dr's office after my medical exam. The copy was signed by the Dr and had my photo on it (don't forget to bring photo). I included the original copy I got from the Dr in my application.
  3. thanks alot. Real appreciate that.

    That was exactly what happened. the doctor gave me that form with the photo and signed.


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