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IELTS minimum score for new FSW application round 2013

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Ajoy the king, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. what would be the minimum IELTS score in each band to apply under FSW category in 2013?
  2. omg..u still hanging around here and now u r dreaming for 2013..hahaha.. get busy wid something else my friend, dont destroy ur life for canada. u luv canada arent u. LOL

  3. 7 in each module ;)
  4. jaggy had replied...ie Mini 7bands in each module!!

    rabb rakha
  5. kindly suggest link where it states 7 in each module for ielts
  6. http://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2012/2012-08-18/html/reg2-eng.html
  7. i m asking for my friend u dumb head...by the way, u r the one who is supposed to reapply after getting refused...well, good luck with your new application :p
  8. Its 7 CLB not bands..

  9. I don't know what u referring.......its clearly mentioned......7 bands in each abilities/module.......there is nothing like 7 CLB
  10. Dear jaggy,
    dnt be confused CLB and ielts both are different. they will convert ur ielts score to CLB (canadian language benchmark).
  11. Minimum IELTS score is

    Listening 6.5

    Reading 6.0

    Writing 6.0

    Speaking 6.0
  12. Quoting Qorax post below:-

    Language Skills : Minimum Ability for PR application : Year-2013


    Here it goes...

    Previously there was no "qualifying ability threshold" set by CIC for applying, however it was 'expected' that an applicant would score around Avg Band-6, but was not mandatory as long as s/he met the total 67 points. Though individual assessments were the norm -- but it wasn't judicially stable.

    However, with the present changes -- an applicant now must score around Avg Band-7 or above to be 'eligible' for PR processing. This is NOW "mandatory".

    Pls. check that gazette notification. They r Initially setting the score at CLB/NCLC 7. Which corresponds to Avg Band-7 if u see the "language grid" below:


    Thus, if u NOW don't get "Moderate Level" in ur IELTS (which is: Listening=7band, Reading=6band, Writing=6band, Speaking=6band : Total Avg=7band) ur application is Kaput!
  13. We have a discussion in the sticky thread on new FSW rules. From there, the following post may help:

  14. Could the above estimates have been superseded by more specific figures in the table found in the Canadian Experience Class application guide (cic. gc. ca / english / information / applications / guides / 5609ETOC. asp), under "Using your test results"? It lists the IELTS equivalents for CLBs from 4 to 8. Unfortunately it does not specify the IELTS equivalents for CLB 9.

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