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How To Verify Fake LMO ??????

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Rajen, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Hello Everyone

    I am Rajen From India.. I Need Help From Any Experience Advisor

    I Recently apply in Temp.Work.Permit Program through Consultant.and in process of just 1 month i get Job offer letter from one of Canadian Company..I amaze to see such fast process.but at same time I am little bit confuse and afraid about genuineness and honesty of my consultant and Canadian Employer who gonna hire me.I think Consultant produce me fake Job offer letter.so i need help from any Expert Advisor for how to check Fake LMO and Job Offer Letter ? Can any one have a Reference Copy of LMO ? or anyone have a clue or online link for verification of fake LMO letter ?


    Thanks in Advance for person who gonna reply ..


  2. Hi Rajen,

    Here is a link I found to a website which will show you how a LMO looks like.


    Unfortunately I didnt came across a website that can actually verify whether a LMO is genuine or not. I suggest you do a search on the internet of your prospective employer/job consultant. I suggest you call your prospective employer & seek their confirmation about the genuiness of the job offer.

    Hope the above info was of some help.

    Best of luck in your endeavour.....
  3. hi astasi...

    Thanks especially for that both blog (website) suggest by you...

    I gone through both website yesterday..but con't able to judge whether LMO is true or fake..! but it still helpful because something is better than nothing..!
  4. You can check your LMO status and verify it on hrsdc-cic-gc.ca
  5. Yes i also wanted to confirm the same can anybody tell me any site, i can not call to employer as i thought they are scam
  6. No you can't. That's a FAKE website. Geez.
    Is your consultant a member of ICCRC? Check to see if you can find them listed here: http://secure.iccrc-crcic.ca/search/en
    If not, the job is probably fake. You could also contact another consultant by email to ask if they would help you verify the LMO. Most will do it for free to prevent this kind of fraud.
  8. hey Rajan proceed care fully there are so many people making fool on the name of work permit so be cautious
    if you want i can try to verify your job letter as im immigration consultant in chd
    even i become victim once but now i got experience
  9. d

    Hi......m Rehan frm delhi...contacted some agencies in mohali but cant trust anyone...
    Can any one suggest me authorised and gencuin agencies in delhi or mohali/chandigarh.
    My email -farhandpic74@rediff.com
    cont no. - 9015537088
  10. hey honey angel i also applied through a consultant nd i m a bit stressed where bouts your immigration firm i m frm chd myself
  11. hello
    i am karthik from Tamilnadu . i got some offer from one consultant to work in canada . he is asking first 50,000 thousand for register after get LMO he s asking 1 lak . can any one tell me what i ve to do . . .

    by karthik 09952404640
  12. Sounds like a scam to me.
  13. Dear Friends,
    Iam looking that many of your questions are similar.
    The best thing to choose a Agent or Consulant is you take the details of these people .
    Go to ICCRC site & check if they are registered .
    Also about the job offer call the employer & speak to them personally about the job offer.
    Untill you dont this dony pay any one Or belive in what they say.
    Best of luck.
  15. 50 Grand! OH YEAH! IT'S A SCAM!!

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