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How to fill up the application forms correctly?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Anais, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hello there!
    To begin with, help will be highly appreciated :)
    Me and my husband (sponsor) are in the middle of a rather "exciting" process of filling up applications.

    Here it comes

    Forms for the sponsored person
    Form Background declaration

    Question 11 - personal history
    They ask to list "all of the things you did in the past 10 years" - studying, working, in prison, in hospital,
    travelling. Also, the guide mentions that I need to provide information for each month.

    So my question is - I am a traveller. I travelled to various countries for the past 10 years, mostly US for conferences and educational programs. The length of trips is about 10-18 days.
    Do I need to include them all in the personal history or not? During that time I was officially employed or in school in my home country - that travel was during vacation times.

    Question 15 - addresses
    My understanding, that addresses where I stayed on vacations are not required. Am I correct?

    Forms for the sponsor

    Form - Application to sponsorship and undertaking

    Question 10
    Are you a Canadian citizen (yes). The next question to it is when did you become a Canadian citizen?
    In the guide they say "put a day when you became a citizen if you were a perm resident before" = he he, but if my husband was born in Canada, should we just put his birth date there?

    Question 6b, 6c - in my understanding, they are applicable only to those sponsored people, who DO NOT live in their native country at the time of application. So, if I do live in my native country I should put Not applicable

    Sorry if the questions are a bit detailed - we are calling and calling the immigrations, but can't reach them so I thought may be someone here will be able to help!


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