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How to Contact the Centralized Intake Office......a useful information

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by infiant, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Useful Contact details for Federal Skilled Workers applicants:
    How to Contact the Centralized Intake Office?

    If you are a Skilled Worker applicant and you have a request for case information you may contact the Client Service Unit of the Central Intake Office using this form. If you applied within the last six weeks, the CSU will not respond to your enquiry.

    If you would like to send a mail to the CIO, Nova Scotia, please use the below address.

    Centralized Intake Office
    P.O. BOX 7500
    Sydney, NS, B1P 0A9

    If you would like to send a courier to the CIO, Nova Scotia, please use the below address.

    Federal Skilled Worker
    Centralized Intake Office
    196 George Street
    Sydney, NS, B1P 1J3

    If you would like to send an email to the CIO, Nova Scotia, please use the below address.

    FSW-Sydney-Search-Enquiry @ cic.gc.ca

    However, the emails corresponding to the result of the eligibility reviews come from a different address, which is FSW-Centralized_Intake-Office @ cic.gc.ca. This is a one way address, so can't be used to email them.

    You may want to add both these addresses to your email contacts, to ensure they do not end up in spam folders.

    If you would like to call the CIO instead, please use the number below.

    + 1-613-944-4000. Be prepared to wait online for 20+ minutes. They say it is quieter on Thursdays and Fridays. Office hours are from 8am to 4pm Eastern Time.

    Please note that they do not entertain callers from outside Canada.

    How do i contact the Visa Office?

    Please use the below link to find out general and contact information for all the Canadian visa offices.


    It is advised to use the case specific forms to contact the visa offices with respect to the FSW applications rather than their generic email addresses. For example, please use the below link rather than the generic email address(Delhi-im-enquiry @ international.gc.ca) for the New Delhi Visa Office.

  2. Re: How to Contact the Centralized Intake Office?

    This is a good info. From time to time many people ask for that. I would like moderator to place this info in top boxes of this forum so it keeps alive.

    +1 for you on providing in details info.

  3. Re: How to Contact the Centralized Intake Office?

    Thank you very much. Hope it'll help all forum members.
  4. Do we receive the first AOR by email or a regular mail to our post box?
  5. I think first AOR is by email.
  6. First AOR is by mail.
  7. i think u addressed it wrong, it's supposed to be by email not the mail
  8. If you have given them your email address and agreed to be communicated by email then you will receive PER or AOR by email.

  9. I just contacted the CIO on 1-613-9444000 the representative was really nice

    I needed to get the UCI number for my application and my application was received on 27th Aug.

    Me: Hello how u doing??
    CIO: Fine and you?
    Me: Fine. I need to know if i can check the status of application whether it has been received by CIO or not.
    CIO: I apologize but I don't have access to FSW record.
    Me: Is there any way I can check the status of my application?
    CIO: The best way to contact them is through email since they don't have direct lines.
    Me: I was informed that email replies would take around 40 days. So i'm looking for fastest to confirm about my application.
    CIO: I'm sorry but I can't help you with this.

    ME: Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.

    Is there any way to get the UCI number if assigned to my File ???
  10. Will there be anyone at the CIO office to accept applications between 25th and 31st this month? its likely when my application would br brought in by the courier.. I cant seem to find an answer to that anywhere.
  11. Hi to everyone on this forum,

    I have couriered my application to the P O Box address, is that OK??

    In addition, the DHL AWB mentions the city as Mira Road instead of Sydney, is there any problem with that?

    Since my package has not been delivered, I guess I could call DHL customer service and amend both the address to the courier address and the city to Sydney

    What do you guys advise me to do

    Kind regards and many warm wishes of good luck to everyone here
  12. Dear All,

    I have also applied for FSW and sent my application via courier (from Dubai) on 27th Dec, 2014. They confirmed to deliver the package by 30-Dec-14. However, I heard (not sure), there holidays going on in Canada from 25th till 01-Jan-15. Anyone could advice, if he/she got any news regarding this.


  13. Where to contact for Medical IME upgrade?

    I went to DM and he told me that my IME is not online and I have to contact Visa office.
  14. My application reached at CIO Nova Scotia on October 4,2015 according to DHL delivery report. I am still waiting for AOR.What is procedure.Can anybody guide me.

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