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How much money required for study visa to canada under SPP

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ashuabbi, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hi….. my 1st year fees is CAD$ 17,500.I want to apply under SPP. Can I pay my 1st semester fees i.e.CAD$ 8,500 from our own sources? OR is it mandatory to pay it from bank loan? If i get a bank loan of 80% of tuition fees and expenses then what about the other 20 % of funds? Do I need to show this 20% in my or my parents account , if yes, how old it should be?
    Kindly help.
  2. Its advisable to pay first semester fees from your savings account and keep your Bank Loan intact.

    You need not worry about the remaining 20%, it has not been asked for atleast under SPP. But the more funds you show the better it is.
  3. yepp absolutely the more you show the more better it is
  4. Its clearly written on web site and checklist of Canada spp ..that is one should have to show the total amount of fees of one year + living cost for one year ..and that money u have to show with education loan only..

    fees for 1 year= CAD$12000
    Living coast 1yr= CAD$10000
    total = CAD$22000

    22000X50 = 1100000

    but if u paid ur half fees then just deduct that amount ...

  5. thnx jyoti i ws also sonfused about it, n 1 year means 2 semesters right?
    i have 4 total semesters n 2 sem fees is CAD$12200
    i have paid CAD$6100 of 1 sem then how much loan i shud take?
    i have total 16 months of study then is it equal to 2 years or wot?
    wot about work permit?will i get work permit of 16 months or 3 years?
  6. yes ofcouse but for that u have to socre good marks then only u can get the 3 yr work permit..an i read that u r prity much sure for ur visa right then loan kinna v hove visa ta auna e a na tuhada...
  7. hahahaha miss dhillon r u making fun of meee hmm??
    koi ni apna sareya da aa jaana va visa donn worry!

    apa saareya ne bahut maade karam kitte aa we have to struggle a lot there dats wot m saying n preety sure about visa!
    canadian student lyf is again not relly easy!

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