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How much money need to show for getting tevmporary visit visa..

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by vncviewer, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hello all, i need some information regarding temporary visit visa. if someone wants to visit canada for getting visit visa how much money need to show as a proof of fund ..
  2. from my understanding there is no set amount but calculate 2,000 plus canadian per month.... that you wish to stay in canada
  3. 15k-20k cad in bank in any form.But its depend upon other true documentation which requires for trv.
  4. I believe what they really look for from the money/assets is that the person is so well established that he will come back after his trip to Canada. The same can be demonstrated by showing a good job. It helps when you apply while resident in a prosperous country.

    So the amount of funds which are required to be shown will vary depending on circumstances.

    In a "good" country with good job then all they would most likely look for are funds required to pay for the expenses of the visit.

    In a "bad" country with good job then they probably want to see a lot of funds invested in "bad country". No financial reason to not come back after visit to Canada.
  5. ok on that note, my friend has a job as a cashier, she owns a very small house and will be granted a leave to come to canada but has no assets of any real value... I wanted to use my bank statements to prove she can come to canada for a trip and I will finance her...
    If she doesn't have alot of assets and comes from South Africa.... how can we prove to immigration that she will leave at the end of her Visa... This is very frustrating..

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