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how much funds

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by eudymendoza11, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hi guys.. I'm from the Philippines.. I'm about to submit my application kit for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.. and I am under the Family Stream program..

    I want to know how much funds (at least) do i need to have in my bank account because in the application kit, it was stated that if I can't demonstrate the amount of CD$10,000, I can at least show some liquid funds.. please help me.. thanks... God bless
  2. dear you ve to show atleast cad12000 in your bank.i showed this much money.this is a minimum amount.if u are able to show more than this amount..that wud be more helpful for ur case
  3. even if my relative in Manitoba will sign the affidavit of support, that wouldn't help? coz I've read taht I need to show some liquid funds if I can't demonstrate CD$10000.. all I want to know is how much is that amount at least... thanks
  4. 10000 $ Canadian for Principal Applicant
    $2000 for each additional family member
    its minimum requirement
  5. yeah i know.. but in the whole application kit, I have read that if I cannot demonstrate the CAD$10,000, my cousin will sign the affidavit of support because I am under the Family stream.. but i still need to show some liquid funds of how much?
  6. If your cousin signs your affidavit then he/she will show proof of fund equal to required.. and u do not need any
  7. Thank you so much.... God bless!!!
  8. hi guys, my application was approved as provincial nominee under the AINP-family Stream and have to submit the package here in canadian embassy manila to apply for the permanent visa application. included in the package is a net worth statement. do i need to have funds here in the Philippines of CAD 22,000 even if my sister as my sponsor already showed that she can support my whole family? pls advise. thanks.
  9. hello.. that is what I'm asking too why I posted this "funds" issue here.. I have no idea too.. but some of them told me that it's ok even if I can't demonstrate the needed fund as long as my relative will sign the affidavit of support..
  10. If your relative show funds then u do not need.
    If you relative is not working then he/she will show.. 15000+10000 for you+2000 for each additinal dependent
    If your relative is working then he/she will show 10000+2000 for each additional dependet

    You do not need to show funds if your relative signs affidavit and shows his/her bank statement
  11. thank you.. i will about to submit my application forms on July... Wish me luck.. God bless us all

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