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How long does it take to get PR CARD?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by newbie1982, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hello guys i just want to know how long does it take to get the PR card. On the website it is mentioned that it takes 63 calendar days to get pr card. I became permanent resident on April 17, 2013 and still i have not received the card.(69 days).
    Should i be worried abt this or it may take longer than the processing time mentioned on the website.
  2. Have you tried calling their Call Centre? At least, you get the answers straight from them.
  3. @newbie1982
    are you currently outside canada?
  5. hi
    yesterday got mail to send photographs for pr card, landed april 17 calgary

  6. Do we need to give photos airport when giving address for PR card

    What is the specifications for. Photos?

  7. Yes i m outside Canada......
  8. hi

    no we dont need to give photos at airport. they use the same photo as for copr. but now a days i have heard from some others also that they are asking for fresh photo a month after landing. they send a letter and a paper for photo specificatoins also, almost same as previous but i think the only difference is that they need chin to top of head betweem 25 to 30 mm.

  9. Hi,

    We landed on April 3rd and we received our PR cards on 13th of June 2013.
    They did not ask for any photo. They used same photos which I submitted initially with application 2 years before. After landing we came to UK after two weeks. Now we need to get our PR cards through somebody or courier. Don't know which is the best way.

    Hope u will get your cards soon if no problem with your photos.

  10. I have landed on April 29th stayed for 1 month and exited on May Last week ... waiting for PR card till now....

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