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How long does it take for the CIC to respond to your initial application?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by morning, May 7, 2010.

  1. Hello People,

    I sent my application to the CIC in Sydney NS under the Federal Skilled Workers Visa.

    I sent this application from England along with the initial processing payment. The application got to Canada
    on the 5th March. My cheque has not been cashed and I have not heard anything either.

    They do not have any numbers for me to call to see if they have received it. All I know is that it arrived in Canada. I did send it to the right address. From their website.

    Does anyone know how long this process usually takes or have any contact numbers that I can call or e-mail addresses to see if this
    application has been received.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Usually it takes 6 to 8 weeks for initial processing. I received my file number exactly after 6 weeks and I did not received any hard copy for the same. I received email from CIC with my file number and initial processing fees receipt.
  3. It takes about 45-60 days - as they got your application on 5th march you will get response any day now. People who applied in first week of march has already started receiving AOR this week.

    Good luck

  4. Thanks for that information you two.

    So will I receive a letter? email? how does it work?
  5. You will receive an email so please check you junk email as well.


  6. Will they still send me conformation even though they have not cashed my cheque?

    Does anyone have a contact number for CIC Sydney NS?
  7. Hi Morning,

    From my experience with the CIO, I can quote this.

    When an application is not exactly qaulifying it takes long for a response.
    My first shot with the CIO - Application sent on Sep 1, 2009 - I got rejection email on Nov 19, 2009 - I am asuming the trend is 75 - 80 days for an negative response.
    My second shot - I got reply in 45 days(positive).

    This might not be the case at all times.

    However, as in your case it is not very late. For all you know, you migh hear from them next week or you could give it about two to three weeks, to hear from them.

    Calling up CIC would be futile attempt, as they dont entertain calls. However, if you feel the delay is too long, which is not in your case as yet, you could drop them a mail. A reply to the same would take about 15days+. Better option might be, to wait to hear about your applicatoin.

    Best wishes and prayers,

  8. Thanks for that information, it makes sense.

    It's strange cause from the points system I do qualify. But there is a freeze on International Nurses in Alberta, so i'm sure that is
    not helping my case.

    I have also deleted only days ago all of my spam mail and never look at it, so if they have sent me an email how will I know?

    Another stupid question, I sent it recorded delivery to the CIO address (2nd address) from the UK thinking it would be signed for in Canada. The tracking number I had states it reached Canada and that is all they can tell me (not if it reached the address).
    Does that mean it might not have arrived to that address? or would the postal service realised this error and forward it to the PO Box address for CIO instead? Thats why i'm not sure if they have received it.

    It's all confusing!!!!

  9. Hi Morning,

    Query 1 - Point System

    The CIO doesn't verify the points at the first stage. This is done by your local embassy at the second stage.

    Query 2 - Deleting Mail.
    Usually, mails from CIO, with subject FSW.... don't get filtered as JUNK.

    Query 3 - If your courier landed at the right address.
    As long as your courier tracking system - quotes delivered and signed by and the date receieved, then your package is received.

    Guess, you will have to wait for about 2- 3 weeks. You most probably, will hear from them soon.

    As of the freeze for Nurses - if this information is not updated on the site, it won't be applicable for you.

    All the best!!

  10. Thanks for the information,

    Like I said I sent it recoreded delivery thinking it gets signed for but it does not. I only now it did get to Canada....but where?

    Thats why i'm unsure if they have received it.

    I will give it another couple of weeks and if no luck.......what do i do?

    Does anyone know an e-mail address or number?

    I am in Canada at the moment if that helps in contacting them?

  11. Hello Friends,
    It has been almost 7 weeks since CIC received my application pack.I did not hear anything from them even I don't know whether they have received or not. I checked my credit card provider, I am not charged.Does anyone know how long do they take to let me know? or any advice what is happening? Your time will be much appreciated,
    Thank you
  12. If you read this page from the beginning, you might have seen other seniors responses to your ?s. Currently, i think the timeline remains 45 to 60 or even 70 days to get a response from cic. I read somewhere you could email cic once it is more than 6 weeks, as is your case. but you may be better off waiting for their response. One way of knowing which day parcel was delivered is to track with your courier company to see the name that signed for it and the date. All the best
  13. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply, Yes I checked DHL, It was signed on August 23, 2011 according to DHL tracking system. One thing is really worrying me is that I am still not charged.
  14. Dear All,
    I need a true advice regarding one of my query.

    1) My application of Canadian immigration was received at Noya Scotia on 7th October 2011 (got confirmation from FEdex). I have mentioned my email ID on the Generic form and I have paid the Fees of myself and family through Bank Draft.
    I am still waiting for the response but so far, there is no email response or call from canadian immigration?

    2) When i posted my application as principal applicant i forgot to check the boxes of my wife traveling document. then the next day i sent that traveling document of my wife to same address, with the application that i forgot to attach this form with marking. will it be a problem?

    Can some one tell me that how much time will it take to get response against your application? and secondly, is there any phone number or emailID, which can help me to get in touch with them?

    Bilal Alam Khan
  15. Lay back and chill

    6 weeks is the minimum time in which cic will respond

    you can contact them after 6 weeks thru email given on cic site but its advisable not to do so........

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