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How does Ottawa mail your COPR to you in USA?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by rice-racer, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Just curious if anyone know how they mail you your COPR, from Ottawa Pilot to USA applicant?
    Do they send by regular surface, registered, courier?
    Just want to get an idea when wife will expect it down there.
  2. My wife got hers in a largish brown envelope (7"x10") via standard mail.
  3. Is that it, anyone else have input?
    That seems pretty trusting to be putting important documents into the basic mail system, not even requiring a signature such as even registered mail.
  4. keesio is correct: CPP-O mails CoPRs standard mail in a brown envelope. If it were to get lost, they would issue another one so keep an eye on your eCase and if you don't get it a few weeks after 'decision made,' reach out to CIC.
  5. Thanks for your responses.
    I/we will and are watching. We were notified they were sent out Jan 13/14, so should be anytime to Nevada from Ottawa.
  6. I am wondering how did they notify you that your documents were sent out Jan 13/14 ? Also , please advise when you receieved your Passport Request?
  7. Our application was received by them Dec 30/2012, things went smooth, and because of the strike last year, delayed things of course.
    Because my wife is in the US, not needing a visa, she got the request for photocopy of passport from Visa office, and one other document needing a signature, since I'm also sponsoring her/my 15 year old stepdaughter, asked for in July/2013.
    I only emailed 2 times during the whole process, not being a pain, and once we got "Decision Made......" on our online link, Jan 13/2013, I emailed, cautiously "assuming" it was approved, in regards to PR landing time frame.
    Since we were in limbo, my wife bought plane tickets to visit in end of March , I was asked if the landing time for PR could be at least included up to then.I hear all kinds of stories, 1-2 weeks to 3-6 months given to land, so since the strike delayed things, and meds were past a year now, I was concerned of them having to run and grab a plane to land, with work/school obligations etc. on hold, and almost impossible on short notice for them.
    They responded back with the information of documents being approved Jan 10/14 and mailed out Jan 13/14 (same day I emailed) So, not sure of the time frame thing, since it was already done and sent I think.
    So, still waiting for mail to arrive and know the landing date time frame.
    I can only hope they gave 6 months from approval, because 3 months would be short a couple days of March plane tickets already purchased.
  8. The CoPR will expire the earlier of 1 year after her medical exam (or extension) or her passport expiration date. If she did her medical exams before you applied, they would have gotten an extension to be able to issue the CoPR, which in all likelihood is one year from the date the medicals were extended (near the end of the process so say Dec/Jan) so you should be ok =)
  9. Ok, can we clarify a little more? lol
    Ok, so medicals were done Sept 25/2012,, all documents gathered, mailed and they received Dec 30/2012, hence the process begins.
    Typical online updates, on strike from June 2012-Oct 2012 , asked for passport copies in July and waiting.
    Her passport expires in 2020, so did they extend the meds as of September 25 2013, 1 year expiry date and should allow approx 8 months left to land as of todays date?
    I'm just hoping they give an extension, 1 year from Septembers expiry date, or even 6 months from receiving COPR would be fine.
  10. Good, so the passport is not a limiting factor. They would have extended the medicals somewhere between 12-15 months from when the medical exam was initiated (so sounds like somewhere between Sept 2014 and Dec 2014. The detailed rules are on the CIC website.)

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